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Dingdong Dantes will have his own delivery app to employ jobless showbiz workers as riders

Dingdong Dantes will have his own delivery app to employ jobless showbiz workers as riders

The pandemic really challenged the resilience of the Filipinos since we have lost countless lives and jobs because of it. However, COVID-19 was able to bring out the good qualities of our kababayans like resourcefulness, empathy, and altruism. heartwarming stories about how the help coming from the private sector, common citizens, and celebrities and social media apps filled the news and social media. And one actor is having his own delivery app to employ former showbiz workers as riders.

Photo from Dingdong Dantes Instagram

Dingdong Dantes shares his idea during a virtual roundtable

Since the beginning of the pandemic in the country, Dingdong Dantes and his wife Marian Rivera have been doing efforts and initiatives to help the heavily affected sectors. The said actor has a Yes Pinoy Foundation that is a partner with job portals. He spearheaded it to help connect Filipinos jobseekers with work-from-home opportunities.

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This time, Dingdong Dantes is entering the tech industry by launching his very own delivery app. Similar to his ventures before, this is in connection with social responsibility. He talked a little about it during a “Fireside” live chat Thursday. The show’s topic focused on the new normal of various industries, including showbiz, travel, and food. This virtual roundtable was organized by the law firm Gorriceta Africa Caution & Saavedra and they also invited Rico Blanco, Matteo Guidicelli, Nico Bolzico, and Drew Arellano.

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How did he come up with the Ding Dong PH app?

Dantes did not go through yet with the details of the app as he scheduled announcements for dates to come. But then, he shared the inspiration behind the birth of this idea. Dantes’ wife and fellow actor Marian Rivera has been running a flower business from home. He said that there was an incident when they encountered troubles during the delivery. Aside from getting the wrong home address, the whole process damaged the item.

Photo from Ding Dong PH Facebook

After that, the actor had to improvise an alternative where he volunteered to use his scooter to bring the flower arrangements. He went on, “Doon nagsimula ‘yung idea, at lumawak na lang siya. In the past weeks, after talking with friends who share the same vision and passion, an idea was developed, hence the birth of Doorbell Technologies,”

The actor named the app Ding Dong that obviously came from his popular showbiz screen name. He explained, “This pandemic became a game-changer para sa akin, pati sa bahay namin, pati sa buhay namin. As many people know, this also became an equalizer, it leveled the playing field. Pero it has crushed and damaged some industries; it paved the way for some to flourish.

Dantes also mentioned the initial batch of employed riders. They will be giving work to those ex-showbiz employees who became jobless during this pandemic. He said, “Kung gagawa ako ng isang bagay, gusto ko klaro ang kaniyang social impact… ‘Yung inspiration also behind this is the fact that I have several workmates who lost their jobs in the entertainment industry. To reveal one part of that old ecosystem. ‘Yung riders na gagamitin natin, ‘yung nawalan ng trabaho dito sa industriya namin.

Do you think Ding Dong app will become a huge hit?

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