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Top Tracks from How I Met Your Mother

Top Tracks from How I Met Your Mother

Ardent How I Met Your Mother fans (HIMYM) can name countless things they got from the show which lead them to make it their favorite series of all time. One can say helpful life lessons, one might also claim that the comedy helped them go through some tough times. But I for one love this show so much because of its awesome soundtrack!

Here are songs from HIMYM that you can pick and listen to for any mood you have.

1. Hey Beautiful – The Solids

The perfect song for your lover, or any beautiful person that you adore.

2. Let your Heart Hold Fast – Fort Atlantic

Have you ever been deeply in love and had to let go? Then you’ll certainly relate to this one song from HIMYM! This is a very hopeful song for days that you feel down on the d.

3. I’m gonna be – The Proclaimers

If you ever felt so in love that you wanted to be the very best version of yourself as you can be then this song is perfect for you! Definitely one of the best bops from HIMYM, and it’s perfect for road trips too!

4. Lifesize – A fine Frenzy

We might be insignificant and just a mere grain of sand on the grand scheme of things, but we’ll always be great for someone who loves us. This song from HIMYM perfectly captures the feeling of being important and great when being loved.

5. Silent Prophet – A.C. Newman

Scared of taking a leap in life? This song can get your through that challenging time.

6. Simple Song – The Shins

This song is as beautiful as the scene it was played for. It can be related on other stories and narratives apart from the ones we were given with the music video, and HIMYM. This is a beautiful song about being loved by someone strong, and feeling a compelling kind of safeness around them. If you’re a hopeless romantic like Ted, you should totally give it a listen!

7. Sink to the Bottom – Fountains of Wayne

When you’re in love you can sometimes feel the greatest form of contentment, and this song is all about that. I love how it was played during Marshall and Lily’s wedding since they are indeed a couple that is content with each other. About all things, of course, there are many reasons why HIMYM fans love Marshmallow and Lilly pad!

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8. The Funeral – Band of Horses

This song is perfect for days when you want a good cry. The lyrics, the somber music, it is just perfect. Add it to your rainy day playlist and thank me later!

9. Oxford comma – Vampire Weekend

If you want a feel-good song, then this is it! Oxford Comma by Vampire Weekend is the best happy song for all occasions since it has no lyrical plot.

10 Heaven – Walkmen

Every HIMYM fan probably loves this song as much as they love the show. It is the perfect song to end the series with, can’t help but shed tears as this song plays and “Jason Segel as Marshall” flash upon the screen.

What songs from HIMYM do you think we missed? Let us know because we’d sure love to give it a listen!

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