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Tie-Dyes: Bringing Life to Your Shirts

Tie-Dyes: Bringing Life to Your Shirts

Tie-Dyes, a mix and match of colors and expressions splashing in your shirts. Show your vibe and make your way in seizing the day with this fashion style. Do you want to add something new to penetrate your collection and taste in fashion? Are you tired of seeing the same black and white common color usage in clothes? Go loud, and make everyone consume your vibe and expression that you want to show by using tie-dyes.

Blast From The Past

Tie-dyes rose in popularity during the Hippie Movement. Although they are used way before that during the 6th century in the Tang dynasty in China and in Japan, they certainly boomed during the early to mid-20th century in the USA. Through their influence and popular culture around the world, the fashion style spread far and wide.

The United States of America was nicknamed the Land of The Free, knowing this, hippies showed their challenge to societal norms through expression and color. The popularity of the style grew in the 1960s because it provided a simple and cheap way to showcase creativity. From the past to the present, tie-dyes really never go out of style.

Never Gonna Give You Up

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, tie-dyes can come in or out anytime… Do you like the song? Tie-dyes never actually faded away in fashion. The thing is, while tie-dyes can sometimes be seen as fads at some point, they never actually die, they just slow down and always re-emerge in fashion depending on popularity. Also, it can be a fad or a trend depending on the fashion taste of people.

Today, they are still considered a trend in society. We can always see a tie-dye or two in many known fashion outlets for sale. In addition, with the rise of the pandemic, and the overall rise of vintage shirts and thrifting. Tie-dyes is also usually one of the hunted and valuable pieces found that can command a valuable price tag.

You Feel Me?

During the current pandemic landscape in the Philippines, many of us stay at home. This gives us a chance to spend more time with ourselves because of the social distancing protocols. As I said earlier, tie-dyes show a form of expression. Since many of us rarely get a chance to do social activities with people because of the ongoing lockdowns, most of our social expression turned to material things.

What do you mean? All of us want to have connections, because of the pandemic, we have a lot of time to ourselves which can be used in multiple activities such as learning how to cook, doing some cleaning, trying arts, etc. One factor of this can be an interest in craftsmanship. Craftsmanship lets you take on a skill that may involve art and creativity. It is a form of expression and desire.

Tie-dyes can be a DIY activity from your home through the use of an old shirt plus dyeing kits. It can be a form of activity where you get to socialize your emotions and feelings through an object.

See Also

The Grateful Dead

Okay, we all know that the Grateful Dead is actually a rock band. That theme is only there for creative expression. Surprising fun fact, the rock band itself uses tie-dyes in its merchandise almost always.

Getting back to the topic, avoid your shirts becoming a fast fashion-type material. Whether old or just something you do not want to use anymore because it seems too bland or weak for your taste, then try tye-dyeing it. You can learn tutorials online and creatively express your skill and crafts that would fit your representation and vibe.

Turn those dead shirts in your eyes, into something that can give more life to you. Nothing is ever really dead unless we make them out to be. Add some colors, make some patterns, and produce something loud and fun. Tie-dye is unique and only yours. Share your freedom and expression while slapping these dead pieces some life by joining the tie-dye movement.

Creativity is all around us and showcasing yours through the form of your dyeing masterpiece is an experience you may want to have.

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