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How To Channel The Totally Spies Fashion In 2022?

How To Channel The Totally Spies Fashion In 2022?

Totally Spies! became one of my favorite cartoons when I was younger. With the first episode being released all the way in 2001, they still remain an iconic group of girls to watch until this day. It revolves around three teenage girls from Beverly Hills, Sam, Clover, and Alex. They live a double life as spies and as normal teenage girls. 

Until this day, I still watch Totally Spies! on Netflix.

There’s no denying that their fashion style remains one of the most iconic things to come out of the show. To be honest, they are the only cartoon characters I know that actually change their outfits in different episodes. So, it was fun watching the series and replicating their outfits in our day-to-day lives. 

So, how can we rep outfits from Totally Spies! in 2022?

The three always seem to coordinate their outfits with each other. However, they always seem to show off their own personalities through their outfits.


Referred to as the intellectual of the trio, Sam acts as an elder sister to her friends. She is rational, logical, and the most mature one in the group.

Sam is more sensible than Alex and superficial than Clover. Her intelligence and composure also allow her to find effective solutions to complicated problems. 


Probably the most fashionable one out of the trio, Clover is the most athletic and agile.

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However, Clover remains impulsive and spontaneous as she doesn’t think twice before jumping into action. 


Definitely the heart of the trio, Alex values her friendship with Sam and Clover above all else. Although somewhat modest in their presence, she will fiercely do anything to keep the trio united and happy.

Despite being a spy, Alex remains very affectionate and unafraid to show her feelings. 

Which one out of the three Totally Spies! characters’ style you like the most? Let us know!

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