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PC Game Pass offers over 100 quality games for only ₱49

PC Game Pass offers over 100 quality games for only ₱49

Game Selections from PC Game Pass
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Video streaming subscription services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ became a hit because renting individual movies seems very expensive and the idea of watching as much as you can in a month just sells. Did you know that you can do that too with PC games? Instead of throwing hundreds and thousands of bucks per title, you can avail a PC Game Pass subscription!

Microsoft, in collaboration with Xbox, allows you to play over 100 quality games for only ₱49 at first and ₱119/month during the subsequent months. Buying individual games is expensive, so consider this as a trick to play more games for a lower price! Imagine, for a lesser price than your regular frappe or milktea, you will never run out of games to play.

The community’s favorites include Sea of Thieves, Elder Scrolls, Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin’s Creed, Grounded, and Stardew Valley. The game pass also lets you play “game previews” or titles that are playable but are not yet fully released.


From the game pass: Grounded by Obsidian Entertainment

Grounded brings you to an aesthetically pleasing yet dangerous place where you must survive while smaller than the size of an ant. The vast world gives you lots of things to do, such as hunting insects for food, building a base for night survival, and exploring the backyard. As a survival-adventure game, playing it with friends gives you an enjoyable bonding time. Have fun running from vicious spiders or carrying grass planks to building bases!


From the Game Pass: Unpacking by Witch Beam

Unpacking invites you to relax by unpacking items and designing interiors. More than that, the game follows the story of a character as she moves from different stages of her life. Experience nostalgia, intimacy, and attachment as you prepare for her place. Side note: it gets really emotional so better prepare some tissues just in case!

PC Game Pass Experience

I discovered my love for gaming a long time ago but in 2021, I started buying games to satisfy some newly-found needs. Games served as my stress reliever after a long day. I purposely make time to play. As time passes by, it became expensive and while there are abundant free games in the market, I kept looking for more.

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PC Game Pass allowed me to discover more titles at a cheap price. I tried out various games and you really can’t run out! Grounded and Unpacking stuck to me but there are lots of other choices depending on the genre you’re into. It’s highly recommended for PC gamers. Just make sure to check the minimum system requirements first.

Happy playing!

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