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OPINION: 5 Must-Watch Medical KDrama for Medicine Students

OPINION: 5 Must-Watch Medical KDrama for Medicine Students

Without a doubt, Korean drama has been widely patronized all around the world. It continues to provide viewers a good entertainment in a variety of genres. Subsequently, one of the most loved genres of Kdrama nowadays is a medical drama.

Upon browsing on Netflix or any streaming platform, you will probably see an abundance of medical-related drama. When the viewers watch these dramas, they somehow feel they are also doctors or surgeons. In addition, some of them even copy the gestures that were seen in the drama.

Accordingly, these dramas also boost our interest and curiosity in Medicine. Sometimes, this becomes one of the reasons why people pursue medicine programs in college. They got inspired to take the medicine path upon watching these medical dramas.

If you have plenty of time to kill, here are my top 5 must-watch medical Kdrama:

1. Ghost Doctor

Photo from HanCinema.

This 2022 South Korean television series Ghost Doctor made the first quarter of my year. This drama portrays fictional elements–since it involves ghosts and spirits. Regardless of its fictional aspect, Ghost Doctor still adheres to a factual portrayal of medicine-related activities. 

The drama centers on two medical professionals with polar opposite personalities and histories. Cha Young-min is a brilliant surgeon and cardiothoracic surgeon. However, he also exhibits haughtiness and selfishness. On the other hand, Go Seung-tak, despite having outstanding medical expertise, is constrained by his dread of blood. One day, Young Min becomes embroiled in an unforeseen situation. And as a result, Young Min possesses Seung-tak’s body.

2. Hospital Playlist

Photo from Netflix.

This drama has a totally different attack compared to the usual medical drama. The Hospital Playlist should be at the top of your list if you want to have fun and laugh. 

This Korean medical drama depicts five doctors who also happen to be friends with one another. Each one of them has an exciting story to tell. Basically, the story follows them all as they go about their life with medical, musical, and romantic experiences.

Moreover, this drama is written by the legendary Lee Woo-jung. So, don’t ever miss this drama.

3. Doctor Stranger

Photo from We Heart It.

The drama series Doctor Stranger revolves around Park Hoon, a young physician who escapes North Korea and returns to live in South Korea. Starting his new life in South Korea, Park Hoon began his career as a physician at the prestigious Myungwoo University Hospital. Subsequently, he discovered Doctor Han Seung-hee, a woman who bears a striking resemblance to her old lover.

This stars Lee Joong-suk and Jin Se-yeon. In addition, some of the scenes of this drama were shot all the way in Budapest, Hungary.

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4. Romantic Doctor 

Photo from Asian Wiki.

This drama has a special place in my heart. This really created a massive impact on my choice to pursue Medicine. However, disclaimer, I took the other route. It is just that this drama has the power to convince people to have an interest in Medicine. 

This Korean drama series, Romantic Doctor, centers on two medical professionals: Kang Dong-joo and Yoon Seo-jung. The story follows how they learn to adapt to life in a modest hospital outside Seoul. In addition, both have no idea that Teacher Kim, a famed surgeon, practices Medicine at this hospital.

After watching this, do not forget to watch the second season of the show, starring Ahn Hyo-seop and Lee Sung-kyung.

5. Emergency Couple

Photo from Asian Wiki.

Last on my list is Emergency Couple. This drama revolves around a divorced couple with turbulent feelings for one another. However, when they cross paths again as interns at the same hospital years later, both of them rekindle. 

This drama does not only talk about Medicine; it also delves into the life of a young married couple. It shows the problems that young people might encounter in married life. Moreover, this show presents how faith brings two people back together.

These are just a few of the best Korean medical dramas. These dramas showcase how we have harnessed the power of science and Medicine. Through this, aspiring medical professionals can have a glimpse of their future work. 

What is your personal favorite medical drama? Share it with us. 

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