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Why are people taking a shot of extra virgin olive oil every morning?

Why are people taking a shot of extra virgin olive oil every morning?

It seems as if every single year, a wellness trend takes over the internet. This year, people have started taking a shot of extra virgin olive oil every morning. I started to see more and more videos of this on my TikTok’s For You Page with the hashtag #guthealthtok. So, I started to research what the craze was all about. 

Just in case you didn’t know, olive oil has always been known for its rich flavor, versatility, and health benefits. Aside from that, it also remains an excellent ingredient to keep in your kitchen cupboard. Jam-packed with antioxidants and heart-healthy fats, it also suggests that it could protect against heart disease. Aside from that, it can also combat cancer, and alleviate inflammation. 

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), on the other hand, is the least-processed variety. So, why are people taking a shot of it every morning?

According to people on TikTok, you have to take a shot on an empty stomach. The extra virgin olive oil coats the walls of the stomach. Then, it improves mobility throughout the colon and allows smooth bowel movement and digestion. Aside from that, there are also other people who add a splash of lemon juice for improved digestive health. 

Although it remains a relatively current TikTok trend, taking a shot of olive oil isn’t anything new. According to the Independent, the Mediterranean diet includes drinking a shot of olive oil every day. They say that it’s the secret to a long life. However, people don’t necessarily consider it a thirst-quencher. But, its health benefits remain extensive. 

From antioxidants that protect blood cells from damage to cardiovascular benefits, it has lots of positives to offer no matter how you consume it. 

Compressed with high pressure until they release their extract, olives are crushed and mixed. Then, separated from the pulp and solid matter to extract the raw oil. When the olive pomace oil is refined, it’s done in three levels. It comes in refined, virgin, and extra virgin olive oil.

Considered the healthiest type, extra virgin olive oil has remained the most natural and standardized for purity. It also retains the taste and smell of fresh-cut grass, green tomato, and even bananas. Extra virgin olive oil also has a distinct taste due to its high phenolic antioxidants.

Drinking olive oil in the morning also helps to detoxify the body from habits of a bad diet.

The discomfort from the body being toxified leads to morning discomfort. And, there’s no better cure for that than taking a quick drink of olive oil in the mornings. The body has also subtle ways of signaling that is in need of a detox. Signs of it include headaches, slower digestion, and dry mouth.

Aside from gut health, olive oil has always remained a great tool for taking care of the skin and hair. It helps boost hair growth, especially with the vitamin D and vitamin E contents found in it that can help moisturize dry skin. It also helps improve the skin cosmetically, helping prevent skin cancer.

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The antioxidant properties of olive oil counter the oxidation of rays from the sun. In the Mediterranean region, drinking olive oil remains very common. In fact, only three in every hundred thousand residents get skin cancer.

Is the trend worth it?

Extra virgin olive oil makes for a perfect kitchen staple. However, it is never a one-size-fits-all approach to treating any symptoms. Meanwhile, a lot of research on the health benefits of olive oil in general. Experts also suggest that you can reap the benefits from pouring it on a salad, mixing it in a dressing, or adding it to a smoothie or meal just like you would any other healthy fat.

Like anything, moderation is key. Fortunately, it only takes a small amount of extra virgin olive oil a day to help the body function more efficiently and fight off an array of illnesses. With all of its healing powers, it’s no wonder ancient Greeks referred to olive oil as liquid gold.

Every body is different. Just because a ritual works on one person, it doesn’t mean it would work on everybody else.

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