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YOGA: Flexing Your Flexibility

YOGA: Flexing Your Flexibility

Different kinds of diseases are arising as the world ages. That is why being healthy is not the end goal for our bodies. We also have to be physically, mentally, and emotionally fit. Several exercises can be done to be in shape. Going to the gym or home workout is for our physical fitness. Reading and brain teasers are used for our mental health. While we can be emotionally fit through expressing ourselves and connecting with others. These are vital for our health. However, there is an activity that can help us fit in numerous aspects – Yoga.

Yoga is an activity that aims to control and calm the mind along with the rest of the body. It originated in ancient India and has now evolved into modern practice. It has been used for relaxation, illness recovery, and most of all flexibility. People should have a flexible body, flexible mind, and flexible emotions to achieve total fitness. Here are more benefits of yoga.

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Flexible Body

It is not news to us that practicing yoga at least twice or thrice a week helps our bodies physically. All instructors, health coaches, and fitness gurus recommend yoga to be included in our routine. It improves our balance and strength through its slow rhythmical movements. As we breathe deep, our blood flow increases which warms up the muscles in our body. Hence, strength-building and better balance.

Also, doing yoga keeps you away from cardio-vascular illnesses including high blood pressure. Exercise reduces our blood pressure through the relaxation of our arteries. It improves our metabolism which leads to a lower amount of cholesterol and blood sugars in our body. Moreover, yoga helps us build stronger muscles and burn more calories. Some of its types are for us to sweat which releases toxins in our body.

Flexible Mind

Yes, you heard it right. The original purpose of yoga which is to calm our minds is still relevant up to this day. Relaxation is one of the ultimate goals of this exercise. Doing yoga before going to bed helps us sleep better. This results in more energy and better stress management since it lowers the stress levels in our bodies.

Furthermore, yoga has the power to strengthen our memory and cognitive skills. A study proves that it has an effect on our brain that deals with learning, awareness, attention, and language.

Flexible Heart

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Not literally… Yoga is highly effective for us to better control our emotions. The state of being relaxed makes us happier and calm. Not only that it can also heighten our energy and boost our mood. It aids our body to release endorphins which are good for our emotional well-being. Our mood is also affected by yoga. Studies show that it has a long-lasting beneficial effect on depression and anxiety.

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Attending yoga classes can help us connect with others. There are a lot of support groups built because of yoga. It helps those who need people to talk to for healing, support, and the idea of being listened to.

Having a healthy body should be our ultimate goal. It mirrors our lifestyle and how we value overall health. Yoga promotes all-around health benefits. It is a way for us to be flexible in various aspects.

So if you want to try yoga, there are lots of ways for you to begin with. but if you are already a yogi, why don’t you flex your flexibility to inspire others?

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