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Instagrammable Poses for Camera-Shy Girls

Instagrammable Poses for Camera-Shy Girls

Sometimes shyness limits us from taking Instagram-worthy photos. You are wearing that fabulous clothing from head to toe, but you are camera-shy, so you end up not knowing how to pose. The struggle is real!

You don’t need to worry, though, as we have prepared Instagrammable poses for camera-shy girls like you! We got your back because we, too, have walked the same path. Here are some pose ideas you should try:

  • An outfit that’s too pretty should be photographed no matter what. But if you’re shy, then just look away from the camera and let your outfit stand out.

Faye Balogo emphasized her coffee shop OOTD by sitting on a high chair, one hand on her face, and coffee held in the other hand.

  • Ask your friend to take a candid shot of you while flexing your dreamy OOTD. This is a perfect pose if you’re clad in a flowy dress.
  • Try this Jennie-tested pose to flaunt your figure and even the back details of your clothing. Turn your back from the camera and let your back do the talking.
  • If you’re still hesitant to flaunt your whole body on the camera, then here’s a pose for you! Try this kiddo posture by Bianca Gan. Sit down, put your arms on top of your knees, and look at the camera above you.
  • A classic photography idea to hide your face from the camera. Seulgi of Red Velvet takes a mirror shot with a film camera. She also used it to cover her face.
  • Here’s a photography + pose idea for you! Be one with nature like Hannah Pangilinan by posing with plants around you. Simply hold one leaf and dramatically look at it.
  • Wear a hoodie and emulate BLACKPINK Jennie’s pose! Turn sideways and cover half of your face with the hoodie. Oops, don’t forget to look sweetly at the camera.

Try these poses and say goodbye to camera shyness!

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