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Moments Lady Gaga Left Us All Gagging 

Moments Lady Gaga Left Us All Gagging 

Let us be honest, before Billie Eilish, Doja Cat, Dua Lipa, and Olivia Rodrigo, there was a Lady Gaga who knew how to set the bar on a different level. She knows how to sing, dance, and perform, all without compromising fashion and face. Arguably, she is one of the most versatile artists who made a mark in the 21st century’s music industry.

While most people only know her for music, little did they know that the Mother Monster has a lot more to offer. So, here is a list of some of the most iconic Lady Gaga moments that will forever have us gagging!

Gaga on Drag Race 

Lady Gaga would never exist without the gays. She knows this and she is proud of it. When she graced the stage of the ninth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race back in 2017, Gaga left us all stunned. With her entrance ensemble, the queens of season 9 started shaking because they thought that she was just an excellent Gaga impersonator.

But once she took off her mask, screams and tears quickly enveloped the werk room. Her appearance not only indicated her support for the show, but it is also her way of helping and using her platform to raise awareness about the struggles that the community and its members are facing.   

A Gaga is Born 

If you are not aware by now, Lady Gaga is not just a singer. She acts, too. And what a great actor she is. Her roles as the Countess in American Horror Story Hotel (2015) and as Ally in A Star is Born (2018) really shocked everyone who thought that Lady Gaga has already laid all of her cards on the table. Not only did she make these characters remarkable, but she also made them award-winning worthy of a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination. 

Lady Gaga
Photo | Teen Vogue
Lady Gaga
Photo | Indie Wire

Politics but Make it Stylish

When it comes to politics, you will expect that Gaga will always be ready; hair up, nails done, weapons blazing. Another thing that she does not shy away from is being called an activist. Probably, one of the most iconic things she has ever done in her whole career is when she went out and protested right after Donald Trump won the presidency. She did not stop there though; outside the Trump Tower, she propped herself up to the side of a dump truck and held up a sign that says “Love trumps hate.” I love me a progressive queen, indeed!

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Gaga’s Timeless Music

Yes, I know we all know this already, but that does not mean we can not talk about it anymore. Sis, Gaga’s music is hands down ahead of its time. Born This Way, Artpop, Chromatica, and Joanne are not just some of her best albums, it also shows her adaptability as an artist. Mother Monster definitely knows when to serve!

All of her Fashion Choices

The applause, we just have to give that to her. Imagine doing those badass and never-been-done-before moments all while looking good. I just wonder how can she still look so sophisticated even if her face is covered in red lace. Seriously, what is in the water she drinks?

Lady Gaga
Photo | Wonder Wardrobe

When it comes to Lady Gaga, expect that whenever and whatever it is, she will serve it on a silver platter. And in return, we will eat it, devour it, cherish it, and we will always always ask for more!

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