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“The Cake is a Lie”

“The Cake is a Lie”

A lot of viral memes and trends have come and gone during the pandemic, and one of the most notably entertaining, and arguably bothersome, trends was the surge of fake cakes. Now, some of you might know of the catchphrase “The cake is a lie” from a video game called Portal. The meme was at its peak in 2007 and it meant “a false promise” or “chasing after an empty, unattainable goal.” Basically saying that what you perceive may not actually be real. Last 2020, the Internet made the catchphrase quite literally after the trend of videos showing what we assumed were actual things that turned out to be cake.

Will you eat organs made out of cake?

Bloody Brain Cake (Lactose Free!) – Sickly Sweet Creations

Some of the most disturbing designs that caught the netizens’ attention were the cakes that looked like body organs. Brains, heart, lungs, arms… giving aswang vibes. Even if they are not actually real, would you be able to take a bite of a cake looking all bloody and slimy? Personally, I will not be able to.

Honestly, it is impressive how bakers can make them look so real. A lot of people even showed confusion that maybe they are cakes… Maybe I am a cake as well!

Of course, there are also those that are less weird designs like books or mugs. That would be a fun prank to pull on someone, right? Make them think that you are giving them a ball and then they turn out to be a squishy dessert.

Food art is cool

Cake or Fake | Know Your Meme

The Cake is a Lie is not only trendy as a meme, but it is also an awesome manifestation of art. Being able to create an art piece that is edible at the same time? Genius. It may be time-consuming, but it is definitely worth it- hitting two birds with one stone.

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Besides, it is really fun watching the reactions of people after they witness a very authentic-looking slab of meat get sliced in the middle showing chocolate-filled cake. There is a wide range of cake designs that you can choose from, and every single one of them would be as shocking as the last one. Cakes have always been a source of joy, particularly on special occasions. But now, people found a way to make it even more fun and artistic.

Maybe they are right, maybe in some way we are all just cakes. How about you, would you be able to take a bite of someone’s cake?

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