White Cafe: ‘Borahae’ along the way

Experience borahae-fication in a cup with White Cafe, a humble BTS-themed coffee shop in Binangonan, Rizal. Since the shop is located along the municipality’s roads, they’re the best company especially for ARMYs during a road trip in the South. Borahae is a Korean word coined by BTS Kim Taehyung that means ‘I purple you’. The counterpart of the word ‘I love you’ in the BTS fandom.

White Cafe drinks to try!

They offer a wide range of drinks from lattes –cold and hot, frappes, milk tea, to fruit juices at amazing prices. There are also special drinks on the menu like the ARMY latte and Borahae Frappe that are fun to try.

For milk tea lovers, they have a promo for you. Avail two of any flavors of their milk tea and get them at a discount price. For a personal favorite, their Java Chip is a 10/10 for me. And the great deal is, the promo is forever!

Craving for sweets or getting hungry during the ride? White Cafe got you covered. They have cutely-named savory snacks like Super Chamchi Sandwich (tuna sandwich), Tata Crisscut fries, and more. With sweets, for starters, they have macaroons, lava crinkles, and another personal favorite –JungCOOKIES. And if you’re up for other pastries, they also sell muffins and cakes inside the shop.

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For your purple ARMY heart

Aside from drinks and food, they also sell fan-made BTS merchandise in the cafe. You can also celebrate the members’ birthdays with their cup-sleeve events and promos. They also give freebies and giveaways to show their beloved customers appreciation.

Photo 1 | Person holds a BTS SUGA Mug from White Cafe
Photo 2 | Person with a member standee

Let your heart skip a beat not just because you’re palpitating but because of seven handsome men looking at you. They have life-size standees of BTS members to keep you company across the table. Take pictures with your bias and enjoy some Bangtan music when you stay inside the cafe. No one’s going to judge you there, don’t worry!

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