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IG Raid: Kakie Pangilinan’s Poem Vomit

IG Raid: Kakie Pangilinan’s Poem Vomit


Family. Friends. Principles. These are some of the themes of Frankie ‘Kakie’ Pangilinan’s main Instagram account on @frankiepangilinan. Here, you will be able to see how she wears her character and personality proudly on her sleeves. 

However, there is another account where Kakie proudly calls herself a word nerd. On @kakiewrites, she gives us all the feels every time she shares her poems to us.

She Makes Us Believe in Love

Every time she writes, she makes us want to fall in love and be loved. With her words, who would not want to experience this imagery in real life, right?

BUT, she makes us feel heartbroken, too.

What’s special about her, is she just not write about romantic love, she also knows how to recognize sadness and its different forms. With the way she can play with our emotions, you can never deny that Kakie is a really talented writer.

Kakie’s Poems Let You Appreciate Life

But even though she is equipped to navigate the tides of miseries, she also knows how to be grateful of this life. Despite of her age, Kakie can encapsulate the paradox of experiencing hardships but still finding the silver lining through it all. Among her poems, hope is a common element.

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Biggest Fan of Her Parents’ Love Story

Growing up as a daughter of a superstar and senator, Kakie witnessed the hardships of her parents’ relationship. In one of her Instagram posts, she shares an excerpt from a letter she wrote for her parents’ 25th wedding anniversary.

Let our response be; sana all.

She Advocates for Self-Love

Also, Kakie never forgets to write about perseverance, survival, and self-love.

@kakiewrites allowed us to consume Kakie’s glorious potential as a writer and as an artist. And because of this, we will definitely watch out how this young woman will bloom into one of the most beautiful flowers from this Filipino generation.

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