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INSTAGRAM RAID: Justine Luzares, our favorite Marites serving boyfie looks

INSTAGRAM RAID: Justine Luzares, our favorite Marites serving boyfie looks

Of course, we all know him as our Marites neighbor with a British accent. However, behind his white towel, pink robes, and all his tea, is a drop-dead gorgeous Justine who turns every photo into a masterpiece and runway with his fits!

Who is Justine Luzares?

If you have a TikTok app on your phone, it’s a non-negotiable that you know our resident Marites, Justine Luzares. Justine has been taking the world by storm through his TikTok videos showcasing his various accents. Being born in Albuera, Leyte, Justine grew up with a fascination for languages and accents. He also graduated a Cum Laude with a degree in Agribusiness. Indeed, looks, skills, and brains, eh?

Aside from the movies he watches, being a process trainer in the BPO industry surely helped improve his skills. And just like everybody else, he started uploading videos on TikTok due to boredom and wanting to have fun. Justine never knew he was good until people started showering him with compliments. On top of that, it’s not just the skills he has, but also the wit and talent to make people laugh. What does this man not have, seriously?

So now let’s take a break from Justine’s usual quirks and look through his Instagram account! Surely, his photos will make you forget that he is the same Marites and Kumareng Yolly that you watch on TikTok!

Justine and his boyfriend looks

Have you seen the man without his signature pink robes and white towel for a hair? If you haven’t, you’re missing half of your life. From his perfect height to his amazing fashion sense, he can easily turn every photo into a masterpiece. Not to mention his perfectly-chiseled jaw that captivates your eyes. Really, you will sometimes take a double look to confirm if this is the same Justine on his TikTok videos. Seriously, if you do not have a crush on the Justine Luzares, you’re lying.

His aesthetic side

Justine seems to enjoy photography as well. His Instagram Feed also shows not just him being aesthetic, but also the photos he took. It doesn’t matter if it’s food, landscapes, random things, and more! He makes sure to capture even the tiniest moments perfectly and of course, aesthetically!

OOTD but make it swoon-worthy

I’m sure we’re all used to seeing Justine in his usual Marites outfit—a pink robe with white towel over her head. However, behind all that is a fit that is turning everything into a runway! His height makes everything he wears look more stylish and very model-like. He’s also obviously a fan of plains, but that never dulls his looks. From amazingly-matched colors to a very minimalistic single-tone do, he never fails to rock any outfit and make the audiences swoon, and yes, giddy. Indeed, the duality of Marites, am I right?!

Travel with Justine

If you need a sign to ditch your work and hit the beach, let Justine inspire you with his travel photos! He seems to enjoy the sea and the sand as evidently shown on his Instagram Feed. And no, he never fails to flaunt his glorious fits even while on a trip. In fact, he also makes the beach or the landscape his runway! Talk about being a natural great-dresser! Of course, nature is an awesome view—but we can’t deny that Justine ain’t a second to no one when it comes to being a glance-stealer.

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Short Reels for a quick laugh

Seriously, would you prefer to leave the oh-so-aesthetic Instagram app for a few laughs? Of course not! This is why Justine’s Instagram Feed is a one-stop account—complete with aesthetics and comedy. With a few of his TikTok videos on his Instagram Feed, you no longer need to switch apps anymore! And yes, of course, it’s Marites’ time to shine! Justine’s Instagram Feed is almost filled with his Marites videos which brings fun to IG as well! Really, complete with wit, looks, and humor, what else would anyone look for?

Time to hit that ‘Follow’ button and have a new IG inspo!

Following Justine Luzares on Instagram is like opening TikTok as well for every browse. See, you won’t only get your new aesthetic or OOTD inspos, you’re also in for some entertainment! Every scroll in his Feed is not only like browsing a fashion magazine—it’s also a travel and lifestyle magazine, plus TikTok in one. If you are looking forward to seeing more of Marites‘ duality and teas, go Follow @justineluzares on Instagram and @justine_luzares on TikTok!

Did you like Justine’s Instagram Feed? Which photos of him did you like the most? How would you rate his Instagram’s aesthetics? Let us know!
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