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Recommended K-Drama Series with a Non-toxic Love Triangle

Recommended K-Drama Series with a Non-toxic Love Triangle

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

A love triangle is truly an interesting plot idea that writers create. Heated arguments between characters, or heartfelt exchanges of lines are some of the scenes we normally see. But what if the drama you are currently watching does not contain a toxic love triangle? Will you pause and select an alternative film?

I would agree if someone says that the love triangle is a cliché since I have countlessly seen this. Some claim writers do it because love triangles result in conflict, or maybe we just want to have fun. You know, it makes our binge-watching more interesting.

Despite your affection for the leading guy, you cannot help but be impressed with the second lead’s personality. You understand how the story ended but still hope to see the other guy find his happiness. You must have been constantly confused since you don’t know who to support any more!

However, I would advise you to keep watching and observe how the narrative develops. You should not worry about it getting boring because even dramas with a non-toxic love triangle can make you feel the same amount of thrill.

Now. here are some K-drama series with a non-toxic love triangle I recommend you to watch.


1. REPLY 1988

Reply 1988 love triangle occurences.

The drama Reply 1988 was produced in 2015–2016. It focuses on Deok-sun, Jung-hwan, Dong-ryeong, Sun-woo, and Choi Taek, five childhood friends who live in Ssangmundong, Seoul. 

Jung-hwan, as portrayed by Ryu Jun-Yeol, did not directly confess his interest in Deok-Sun (Lee Hye-ri). On the other hand, Choi Taek played by Park Bo-gum ended up winning Deok Sun’s heart. However, the story is more complicated than how these minor details seem. The two didn’t display an intense love triangle argument. While Jung-Hwan accepted his missed opportunities to confess, Choi Taek pursued Deok-Sun. The K-drama Reply 1988 offers so much that you can find yourself crying and laughing at the same time. You won’t regret adding this drama to your list if you’re looking for one that depicts adolescent struggles.

2. While You Were Sleeping

Have you seen the famous shadow scene online? If you haven’t watched the series yet, I guess you just scrolled past some posts about it. However, if you already watched this drama, you might be one of us who finds this scene pure. Who wouldn’t fall for Han Woo-Tak, as portrayed by Jung Hae-in, in this drama?

Alongside Jung Hae-in, actor Lee Jong-suk played the character of Jung Jae-chan. The female lead Nam Hong-joo was then portrayed by the actress Bae Suzy.

While You Were Sleeping centers on three young adults who acquired the ability to see future events through their dreams. Han Woo-tak and Jung Jae-chan ended up loving Nam Hong-joo. Han Woo Tak’s one-sided crush on Hong-Joo failed to get recognized because Jae-chan wins her heart. I still feel bad for Han Woo-tak whenever I think of how he risked his life to save Nam Hong-Joo.

3. Our Beloved Summer

Our beloved summer love triangle occurences

This drama fills a huge space in my heart. Our beloved summer is a Korean drama released last year, 2021. It is a story about romance, regrets, and repressed emotions, something that we can all relate to. In addition to that, Family problems and inferiority complexes are also part of the issues addressed in this drama. Kim Ji-woong, as portrayed by Kim Sung-cheol, ends up having an unrequited love. The actor Choi Woo-shik played the character of Choi Ung, a building illustrator. Meanwhile, actress Kim Da-mi nailed her character Kook Yeon-su, the fiercely independent PR expert. You will surely enjoy this series as it discusses and present different sides of stories.

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4. Hometown Chachacha

Hometown Chachacha love triangle occurrences

Hometown Chachacha may not have a compelling love triangle but this drama can still compete with other dramas.

The issues covered in Hometown Chachacha were diverse, just like the ones previously mentioned. Multiple characters in the drama are coping with various problems, but it just highlights how exceptional this series is.

Have you heard your friends say that Hometown Chachacha is a healing drama? Well, that may be because they are aware of the inspirational message it was trying to deliver. A message that says, it is preferable to face your worries and challenges with someone.

A great plot does not have to center around a love triangle. Yes, we can all agree that it offers drama and enjoyment to the books and movies we read and watch. However, being a love interest may not be the only reason why a story includes it. Each character delivers a set of lessons we may not have observed in our life. Something that we can only realize through the life of other individuals.

These are just a few of the K-drama series with a non-toxic love triangle I can share right now. Do you have other K-drama series with a non-toxic love triangle in mind? Share them with us!

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