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Is Diesel cool again? These six celebs prove its hype

Is Diesel cool again? These six celebs prove its hype

When I was younger, half of my dad’s clothes were bought from Diesel. I used to see it as a tito type of brand. Aside from that, I thought that they obviously cater to older adults during the 2000s. However, Diesel has recently made waves in pop culture. And, now, they cater to the younger generation.

Diesel had a rebranding and its comeback became one of the most compelling things that the fashion scene has witnessed in recent years. Three years ago, their US division actually filed for bankruptcy. However, they are now seen as today’s top fashion-influencing brands.

The comeback of Diesel, on the other hand, is thanks to none other than the brand’s new creative director, Glenn Martens. His first collection for Diesel dropped last June 2022. Defined as utility-inspired and leaning towards upcycled pieces, many of those exhibited unique finishes and textures.

These, of course, include plays on seaming and washed denim look. Of course, the star of these new looks is the D logo, flashed largely in metals or embroideries. Now, you can’t even walk the streets of New Year without seeing the Diesel logo on someone’s outfit. From their crystallized washed denim up to the logo bags, everyone is crazy for Diesel.

Is Diesel cool again? These six celebs prove its hype

Kylie Jenner

Instagram: @kyliejenner

No brand is worthy to be labeled as something on the hype if Kylie doesn’t wear it. The multi-millionaire personality showcased her Diesel look last March 2022. Appearing just a few months after giving birth to her second baby, Kylie posed in front of her Hidden Hills mansion wearing a black iridescent trench coat and zip-up stiletto heels, all from Diesel’s Fall/Winter 2022 Collection. The black D logo purse is the cherry on top of her whole get-up.

Instagram: @kyliejenner

On June 2022, the icon once again showcased a full Diesel look while posing inside her mansion. Kylie donned a blue metallic Diesel Fall 2022 outfit, complete with a 1DR logo bag.

Dua Lipa

On one warm Winter day in New York, Dua Lipa walked around with a complete head-to-toe Diesel look. The pop diva donned a quilted denim pantaboot and a washed denim uber-cropped top. The belt she wore had Diesel written in metal lettering. The purse is also in washed-up denim. She bodied the it-girl aura that exudes from that look.

While on tour in Australia, Dua Lipa also experimented with the viral low-rise trend in a casual off-duty look. She wore a denim micro miniskirt with a unique belt detail from Diesel’s Fall 2022 collection.

Megan Thee Stallion

Pink is pretty in a metallic hue. The rapper it-girl Megan Thee Stallion also joined the Diesel hype by wearing a pink metallic ribbed dress with a D logo on the chest. She matched it with a 1DR bag from the brand’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection. The brand’s social media was quick to post it online.


Seems like celebrities can’t get enough of the pink metallic cut-out dress from Diesel’s Fall/Winter 2022 Collection. Kpop sensation CL also posed with the outfit, matched with barrettes of the same color and sleek blonde hair. The metallic fabric contrasts with the soft pink color to hit the perfect spot between feminine and futuristic.

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During the Milan Fashion Week last year, Normani flashily rocked a full Diesel look while attending the brand’s show. The Motivation singer looked perfect in a crocodile print denim, draped gorgeously on her curvy body. It featured a spaghetti strap crop top and skirt with frayed details in the seams. She paired it with ankle-strap sandals and a yellow Diesel bag. These were all from the Diesel SS23 runway collection.

Julia Fox

Fashion icon and model Julia Fox has constantly been rocking with Diesel for quite some time now. She has been a known friend of Glenn Marten and she has also been a muse for the brand. The Uncut Gem star was the face of Diesel’s Fall 2020 campaign. Since then, she has been an avid Diesel girl. One of her most iconic feats for the brand is when she made a striking appearance in Face magazine’s June issue, wearing the iconic Diesel belt skirt.

During Diesel’s Fall 2022 runway in Milan, Fox also donned a bright yellow leather set from Glenn Martens himself, paired with a matching yellow logo bag from the brand’s Spring 2022 collection.

The fashion forecast says that Diesel will be IN again for quite some time, whether we like it or not. Under Glenn Martens’ direction, we surely could expect more exciting things that will spice up the fashion scene!

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