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Styling the color green in five different fashion aesthetics

Styling the color green in five different fashion aesthetics

Green has recently been a favorite color of mine. But, as a person with brown skin, it makes me look like a tree which I actually like. Plus, any shade of green, from olive to emerald to lime, brings out my beautiful brown tones. But, aside from the color looking good on my skin, green actually reminds me so much about being in Slytherin. Yes, I got officially sorted. 

With that said, let me style the color green in five different fashion aesthetics:


This aesthetic requires long, loose-fitting, flowy dresses, and skirts. Aside from that, you can also incorporate puffy sleeves and handcrafted accessories. With that said, grab a soft green puffed-sleeve babydoll dress, a pair of Mary Jane shoes, a handwoven bag, and a bow on your hair!


Grunge is particularly famous due to its wholly androgynous outfits. It invokes a sort of edge to their personality. So, grab a comfortable black ribbed sleeveless cropped top. Then, pair a green tartan mini skirt, a pair of platform combat boots, and an oversized black denim jacket. Of course, accessorize however you want.


Recently, this aesthetic appeals to me more due to its comfort and individuality. Grab a white sleeveless ribbed cropped top, green satin cargo pants, a cargo bag, and a pair of Converse Run Star Motion Platforms. If it gets chilly, make sure you have an oversized black short-sleeved button-down as a cover-up.

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This aesthetic, on the other hand, is the one that made me love dressing up. Sweater vests are essential for this aesthetic. So, grab a green sweater vest, a similarly-colored knee-length skirt, and a blazer. Complete it with platform loafers, a leather satchel, and gold accessories.


Baddies deserve to look elegant in green, too. Make sure to glam yourself up with a rocking outfit to match. So, get a green mini ruched dress, a pair of platform heels, an oversized blazer, a mini leather bag, and gold accessories.

So, what do you think about the color green? Let me know if you like the outfits in five different fashion aesthetics.

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