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Fun Facts About Pets You Don’t Know

Fun Facts About Pets You Don’t Know

Pet owners love their pets like family, and we want to make sure people understand our furry friends’ personalities and quirks, too. The truth is that any pet can be a handful, no matter how cute or tiny. Here are fun facts you didn’t know about your favorite furry friends.

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Top 10 Facts About Pets!

1. The sense of smell of canines is far better than humans

Dog has a better sense of smell than humans, which allows them to track prey and locate their humans when they need to go outside. They are also incredibly empathetic; dogs are able to pick up on human emotions, such as happiness or sadness, and respond accordingly.

2. The cat spends a higher sleeping cycle.

The cat is man’s best friend, but how much do you actually know about cats? We bet you didn’t know that cats sleep has a higher sleeping cycle. Cats sleep over half of the day. That’s long hours for a cat, but we’re pretty damn lazy compared to humans. But cats, being nocturnal creatures, need their sleep. Cats sleep an average of 15 hours a day, with longer sleep periods in the afternoon and evening.

3. A rabbit flicks their feet or head and jumps around when they are happy.

For rabbits, like humans, happiness isn’t all fun and games. When rabbits are happy, they flick their feet or head and jump around. Rabbits can also be stressed, just like us. Rabbits can exhibit signs of stress when they are stressed, including hiding, pacing, and becoming aggressive.

4. The country of Hawaii banned the hamster as a pet.

Have you ever wondered why hamsters are banned from Hawaii? You might be tempted to think it’s because of the little rodents’ propensity for eating rocks, but you’d be wrong. Hamsters lounge in Hawaiian prisons because they chew on government property. That’s right: hamsters are banned from Hawaii because they chew through prison walls.

5. Did you know that guinea pigs can make 11 sounds.

Did you know that guinea pigs make 11 sounds, including squeaks, whirs, growls, and chirps? Their chirps and squeals can sound like they are coming from inside the house or dad’s toolbox (in which they are hiding). Guinea pigs communicate via scent and vibrations, so pat your guinea pig on the head and rub her belly to make her feel loved.

While his sweet, chirpy sounds are endearing, guinea pigs make plenty of other sounds. They communicate with one another by way of high-pitched chirps, snuffling, and grunting. (Their communication abilities increase after a guinea pig reaches adulthood, and their alarm sounds have been known to spread for miles.)

6. When in danger, some lizard erupts their tails.

Did you know some lizards erupt their tails when in danger? Lizards are living proof that being different is a good thing. Some lizards erupt their tails when in danger. The tail helps the lizard swim faster and also serves as a rudder. Even some lizards keep their tails between their toes when walking on a surface that lacks grip.

Lizards are masters of disguise, so it’s no wonder that we didn’t even notice this one! Erupting or detaching a lizard’s tail is a very last-ditch effort to escape imminent danger.

7. Tortoises have a long life.

There are few creatures in nature as majestic as the tortoise shell. Their shells are gorgeous, come in all colors, and their long lifespan has always been an endearing trait. They may seem slow, but tortoises have figured out how to live a long time. They are bold, strong, and resilient, traits that have enabled these creatures to survive for thousands of years.

Even though tortoise shells are hard as stone, these reptiles offer a surprisingly diverse range of adaptations for surviving the harsh desert environment—including the ability to survive for more than a century.

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8. Did you know that budgies, small bird has a strong bone to help them fly

While most people have parrots as pets, budgies are a small species of bird native to Australia. They provide companionship and love to millions of people around the world. Now, research has shown they may actually have hollow bones to help them fly.

Birds, such as budgies, have hollow bones to help them fly. A budgie’s beak is comprised of two bones joined in the middle that extends their length and helps the bird to fly, hollow on the inside, and feathers fill the space. The feathers help to protect bone from breaking in collisions.

9. Goldfish have a short-term memory.

Did you know that goldfish don’t have a 3-second memory? Any goldfish owner will tell you that goldfish aren’t like dogs. They don’t remember what it’s like to live outside, they don’t like being held, and they don’t pay attention to your every word.

Fish can remember and respond to things they’ve experienced. But goldfish don’t remember things for long. According to Psychology Today, goldfish have short-term memory that “only lasts up to three seconds.” They also don’t remember things that are repeated. A goldfish that doesn’t see food regularly won’t remember where it was last.

10. The 20th of February is celebrated as National Pet Day.

The 20th of February is a day to appreciate your furry friend. We know them best as pets, that’s why it’s important to give them their own special day. Pets are part of the family, so every year, on the 20th of February, Americans celebrate National Pet Day. This day is all about showing your appreciation for our pets and celebrating their irreplaceable role in our lives.

Everyone knows they should be making their pets healthier, but many people forget that the same is true for them! Love Your Pet Day is celebrated on the 20th of February each year and is a great opportunity to make today the day you change your pet’s life for the better!

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