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How can you save money as a student?

How can you save money as a student?

We are currently in the midst of the pandemic. At this point, we realize that saving money has become important for us to provide what we need on a daily basis. But, what if the person who wants to save money is just a jobless student? How can they save money then? 

Featuring these tips from Manulife, here are a few ways to save money as a jobless student: 

Let yourself remain debt-free!

If you have debt, pay it off as quickly as possible. Don’t take out a loan for something that does not relate to your education. Debts remain too heavy for students to carry. No one wants to carry them on and on and on. You won’t want to enter the real world and have a job after graduation just to pay off a debt. 

Always know your discount. 

Without a question, one of the best aspects of being a student is the student discounts. You can just go to a store that gives student discounts and show your school ID. You can also use it when you are shopping online. Look for discount codes and see if they offer something that benefits you. Take advantage of it before hitting #AddToCart!

List your monthly revenue sources. 

This, of course, includes your allowance, part-time employment compensation, and so on. Subtract them from your necessary expenses like food, drinks, and transportation fare. How much of your leftover fund will you set aside for savings? How much will you spend on shopping?

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As a jobless student, you have to set a realistic goal for yourself.

That’s what keeps your savings going, especially as a student. Taking it to the limit and saying that you would save 90% of it merely serves as an excuse to give up. Start with a 20% savings from your income. Then, you will find it easier to achieve. Then, you can set a larger goal for next month!

You can do anything if you work hard enough for you to achieve it. Don’t give up! 

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