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What should you do with your parcel waste?

What should you do with your parcel waste?

We all love online shopping. Packages wrapped up in bubble wrap, boxes, polystyrene foam, adhesive tape, and even plastic pouches ensure our orders are safely delivered to our doors. But, nowadays, the ugly reality reveals these parcels as a growing environmental problem. Since online shopping thrived, so does parcel waste. Global waste expects to reach 3.4 billion tons in 2050, especially if no urgent action is taken. Therefore, as part of being responsible customers and residents of this world, there are things you can do to your parcel waste.

So, what should you do with your parcel waste?


Collecting the parcel waste is important. That way, you don’t throw your unending waste. Unfortunately, polystyrene foam and adhesive tape are not recyclable. You can reuse them or you can even tell the seller to avoid or minimize using them for your parcel, especially if it’s unnecessary. There is a piece of good news, though. You can collect the boxes and other plastic waste like bubble wrap, containers, bottles, and pouches.


Here are the things you should do before you donate your waste. First, remove the personal information from your parcels’ waybill stickers for privacy. You can do this by using a permanent marker or stamp roller.

Photo | Shopee Philippines

Second, clean and empty the plastic items and make sure they’re dry. Next, stack your collected plastic waste in a ziplock, eco bag, used box, or any storage for your convenience.


You’re now ready to donate your parcel goods! These are where you can drop off personally:

SM’s Plastic Waste Collection Program

Nowadays, it’s crucial for huge businesses to embrace and encourage sustainability. SM Supermalls are now avenues for plastic waste donations. See the participating malls and its location here.

Photo | SM Supermalls’ website.

The Plastic Flamingo (The Plaf)

If you want to compensate for your plastic footprint and help solve marine pollution, then donate your plastic waste to The Plaf. You can also buy their recycled products to help their company. Below are their guidelines for acceptable and not acceptable plastic waste donations.

Photo | The Plaf’s website.

The Plaf Warehouse:
Block 6 – Building 2, National Road, 1 Tepaurel Compound, Putatan, Muntinlupa City (Landmark: Starking St. Muntinlupa)
Monday-Friday, 9-5
Contact: Sarah (09565970283) / Flora (09982123024)

See Also

*Other 73 locations of The Plaf are viewable on their map.

SM Cares’ Trash to Cash

Convert your plastic waste to money or Watsons’ incentives with SM Cares’ new recycling market, Trash to Cash. It is available in participating SM Malls nationwide. For this one, the more trash, the greater money! You can donate the following:

Photo | SM Cares’ Instagram

Tzu Chi Foundation

Tzu Chi is an international Buddhist humanitarian organization led by philanthropists and Filipino volunteers. You can either donate money here or your recyclable materials. Below is further information:

Photo | Tzu Chi’s website.

The world is not our dumpster. So, donate your parcel waste now! Here’s to more sustainable and responsible shopping.

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