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Totes and beyond: Welcome to the Canvas Club

Totes and beyond: Welcome to the Canvas Club

Ah, tote bags.

Who would’ve thought that these bags, once known only as a sub for using plastic bags, would dominate our lives?

But with the versatility a tote bag offers — as a shopping bag, to a school bag, to an all-around fashion carry — there’s really no blaming those who adore them.

I mean, I, myself, am pretty much obsessed with the classic canvas tote. It’s durable, efficient, and the best part? It can literally fit my whole house in it if I want to! It is that roomy, and exactly what makes it the best go-to bag amidst the pandemic.

However, despite offering lots of space to carry everything, the truth is, your stuff can get messed up in a tote bag. Like a lot messed up. Well, I guess that’s just the downside of having that much space.

Luckily, I bumped into a brand that offers not just a stylish and durable tote, but one that solves the biggest dilemma of using it!

Canvas Club

Like the lot of us who are head over heels with totes, Canvas Club started with the same goal in mind: to search for the perfect tote.

A tote that’s durable, something high quality and thicker than most in the market. One with a minimalist and timeless design, something you can’t ever go wrong with. And of course, a tote bag that has enough compartments to make sorting stuff easier.

I think it doesn’t come as a surprise that there’s nothing on the market yet that ticks off everything on the list. So, Canvas Club decided to step up and create their own (yes, it ticks all those boxes and more!).

Grab-and-go with the Basic Tote

Canvas Club’s Basic Tote in Beige.

The Basic Tote is Canvas Club’s best-seller, and rightfully so!

Since tote bags have been continuously gaining fame and the market’s been expanding, totes have gone beyond being a ‘tita thing’ reserved for the mom friends, and have become a fashion statement. And Canvas Club’s Basic Tote is proudly both!

The Basic Tote champions both its well-made quality and minimalist aesthetic. That means you can wear it as is – in its plain, minimalistic glory – or you can play with it. Yes, I’m saying that you can dress your Basic Tote up with pins and embroidered press-ons, or paint it to express your creativity and make it entirely your own. The possibilities are limitless with this one!

But aside from its versatility, I personally think that what makes the Basic Tote one-of-a-kind is its well-thought-out functionality.

Bringing a laptop out? We have a compartment for that, put it in. A tumbler? We’ve included a bottle holder since we love one hydrated kween. Keys and miscellaneous items? Don’t sweat it, a small pocket’s perfect. And if the space inside seems lacking for you, hold up! We have two more outside pockets!

Don’t believe me? Just check out this testament of how you can maximize your Basic Tote:

For only Php 1,450, you can now worry less about keeping your stuff organized while still sporting your beloved Basic Tote. You can check out all eight available colors here and buy a couple for you and your besties, too, so you can have your very own perfect grab-and-go tote – anytime, anywhere!

Fix-up with the Carry-All Pouch

I’m really amazed at how Canvas Club is prioritizing functionality without making it less aesthetic, I mean, just look at this Carry-All Pouch!

Canvas Club’s Carry-All Pouch in Beige

Ever since the pandemic began, it only makes sense that we bring a lot with us when we go out. Alcohols, pens, IDs, and vaccination cards are only a few among the countless of essentials we keep in our bags. And we want to make sure we’re keeping it all in one place.

With a size profile of seven inches in length, five in height, and two and a half at the base, Canvas Club’s Carry-All Pouch is perfect for those!

I’m literally obsessed with trying what fits in it, and tell you what – it fits all the mentioned essentials and there’s still some space left! I mean, I even put my phone in and there’s still enough space to move things around. How awesome is that?

A point worth pointing out too is just how high quality this Carry-All Pouch is.

Its gold-plated zipper glides like a hot knife on butter – the kind that you just know will last you for years! The inside is lined with fabric and has a compartment to make sure your smaller items will be secured. The thick fabric’s utilized to make two outside pockets – literally all the organization you’ll probably need and more!

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You can grab yours here for only Php 890 and have the luxury of choosing between five colors: Beige, Black, Navy Blue, Coral, and Yolk.

A cute add-on with the Canvas Club Calendar

Canvas Club’s Monthly and Full 2022 Calendar

Canvas Club just keeps on proving that canvas is the superior fabric!

From bags to pouches, there’s no stopping Canvas Club’s creativity in expanding their canvas collection. But they are taking it a step further to stay true with their goal of providing the market with ‘all things canvas’. And they delivered! Just look at their newly-released unique and cutesy Canvas Calendar.

Canvas Club, through their Canvas 2022 Calendar gives us a glimpse of what our lives have been for the past two years in a pandemic. It serves as a memento that even in between all those hardships, we thrived and made it. Bringing with us the most important lesson: self-care.

Through the beautiful illustrations of @peachesnyukie for the Full Year Calendar and @screampaints for the Monthly Calendar, Canvas Club is reminding that:

“The line between work and life may have been blurred, but as we enter 2022, we hope that this will be a reminder for you to take it slow, take a break when you need to, and enjoy the little things.”

Canvas Club, 2022

Whether go for the Canvas Full Year 2022 Calendar or the equally beautiful Canvas Monthly 2022 Calendar, Canvas Club is a great reminder of listening to your well-being as you go along the year.

Go get yourself this beautiful and equally inspiring Full Year 2022 Calendar here for only Php 850, and Canvas Monthly 2022 Calendar here for only Php 1,350.

Grab yours!

Welcome the new year your way. Whether you’re aiming to take on the year in your comfort zone, or in adventures, Canvas Club is exactly the perfect buddy to bring along your journey. And besides, mixing fashion and functionality has never been this aesthetic. So it’s time for you to grab your perfect go-to tote, too!

You may visit Canvas Club on their Instagram or their website and check out more of their canvas selection. Or if you want to immerse yourself in the greatness of their canvas collection before checking out, you may find them at Frankie and Friends General Store in SM Aura and Molito, Alabang.

See you on your journey with totes and beyond, and welcome to the Canvas Club!

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