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AS A SHY GUY: How did I ace my Communication Program despite being shy

AS A SHY GUY: How did I ace my Communication Program despite being shy

I have always been shy for as long as I can remember. At first, I thought, there would be no place for me to excel in my academics given that I landed in a communication program. But, far from what I expected, I still managed to do well in class.

To be honest, at first, I expected that choosing a communication program for my college degree would be such a mismatch. Back then, I was actually open to the thought of giving my dreams up and shifting to another program. I was deceived by the existing perception that pursuing programs like Communication would require you to be outgoing and extroverted.

I bravely took up a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting despite my shyness for it really suits my passion. Before pursuing my program, I already am aware of the probable struggles ahead, and I did not go wrong. My first year in the program brought me so many self-doubts and triggered my insecurities.

Being the shy guy that I am, I persevered and worked hard. In this article, let me share with you how I managed to ace my communication program despite being shy:

Prioritize your goals

As simple and as comprehensive as it is, focusing on your goals could be your foremost step to doing good in your academics. For quite some time, your shyness would bug you up and build some self-distrust, but it is valid. You just got to realize the dream that you are aiming to achieve then everything would fall on the line.

Choose a small circle of friends you are comfortable working with

Being shy that I am, I seldomly made friends during college. What I did is that I associated myself with just a small circle of friends with whom I can grow. In this program, we are always tasked to produce a variety of materials per group. With that, I see to it that the persons I am working with are my circle with whom I am comfortable. In this manner, I could surely help and be productive in the production.

Prepare, prepare, then prepare again.

In a communication program, performance tasks in which you will be forced to do something in public are really a thing. There lies the live reporting, radio anchoring, and even acting stints. This is actually what I would like to avoid as I enter college but I know I cannot. In times like this, I always make sure to prepare and practice everything before the presentation. Stuttering naturally occurs but I try to just let it pass.

Establish a skill that won’t require you to engage that much with others

In my program, there will always be an instance in which you will be working with a group to accomplish a certain performance task. In my case, I always volunteer as the writer for the production for me to be able to work on my own. I open myself to questions and criticisms so I know that I could be of use in that area.

Given the chance to work alone, work alone

I am more productive working alone. So, when chances were given by our professors to work alone on a task, I grab the chance to work on my own. Luckily, even just by myself, I am able to pull off an average output to pass my subjects.

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Strive and fight that shyness

In my three years as a Broadcasting student, I slowly overcome my fear of dealing with people. Luckily, I was able to control my shyness, but it never gone out of me. But that still is progress and it was something I really am proud of about myself.

Slowly get out of your comfort zone

At the end of the day, success will always be a long due process. In the industry I am planning to penetrate, I am aware that I should overcome my shyness. The persona to which I always prefer of working alone shall be terminated, I know. But I take the process slowly and surely.

As long as you are passionate, nothing could go wrong in reaching whatever dream you want to attain. Whatever personality you might have, for as long as you persevere, then for sure you will land your desired career.

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