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Bio reflects your personality in online dating apps

Bio reflects your personality in online dating apps

Imagine how this generation built a system in which soulmates can be found using only our phones. Opinions say that the unprecedented rise of online dating applications affects some people’s self-esteem. People tend to swipe right only because of their looks. To know more about it, I interviewed some users. Seven out of ten people disagree and here are the things they said:

Bio reflects your personality in online dating apps

How interaction happens in online dating

Dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Grindr, and Her among others use the same algorithm. These apps show you nearby people and the front runner revolves around users’ photos showing off their physique. When both sides swipe right, that is where the interaction happens. Opinions say that it lessens the confidence of those who are less attractive. It affects their mental health if no one is swiping right for them. The 21st century has taught us that looks matter in dating and dating apps are living proof of that. During my interview with these ten people, most answered yes when asked if looks matter to them. 

According to a recent study in 2017, the agony of those people who have lesser ‘swipe rights’ affects their self-esteem. Like Instagram and all the other social media platforms, people with good looks get more attention even on online dating apps. They have higher chances of being liked by many people. However, the chances of being liked do not end there. That is why the companies operating these systems designed an interface where people can put their bio. 

Bio and personality

Seven out of ten people I asked approved that bio equates to the personality of a person. They always look at the bio of a person regardless of if it meets their taste in looks or not. During this interview, I talked to 22-year-old a young woman named Alexandra. According to her, a funny bio gets a user’s attention.

I have a catchy bio in Bumble that’s why people swiped right to me aside from my looks. Having great humor in your bios is a plus!

24-year-old Enzo, who also uses Bumble, expresses the advantage of a good bio.

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It’s a good way to get to know the person before even talking.

This proves that adding a bio to your favorite dating apps is a must.

Confidence still matters to stand out. But, your pleasing personality is what matters the most. Although some don’t give a chance to those who have average looks, those above the minimum line agree that bio is still relevant to them. Your bio reflects your personality. Most of the interviewees said that there’s another way of being liked. They appreciate more the personality than the face of the people they meet. 

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