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Roof Manila: Your New Favorite Aesthetic Bar & Kitchen

Roof Manila: Your New Favorite Aesthetic Bar & Kitchen

Want to indulge yourself in the amazing view of city lights, your go-to drinks, and an Instagrammable place? Then Roof Manila is for you!

Roof Manila once again opened its doors to the public last May 24 after being closed due to the pandemic. While still following IATF’s strict protocols, they are now ready to serve not just drinks and food, but also awesome views and nonstop beats! Are you ready to party on top all night?

Roof Manila: Your New Favorite Aesthetic Bar & Kitchen

Chillin’, Drinkin’ with the City Lights

Being located on the 34th floor of Pacific Skyloft in Sampaloc, Manila, the majestic beauty of the city’s night light is unquestionable! Doors open at 7:00 PM (every Tuesday to Thursday, then 8:00 PM every Friday and Saturday). So, your stay will start with the breathtaking view of the night! An open view of the sky, the stars, and the city lights—what else can you ask for?

The view outside Roof Manila. The photo was taken by John Patrick Nisola, Roof Manila’s Operations Manager

And, of course, what better way to enjoy the city lights than with some shots? Roof Manila boasts a wide variety of available drinks, ranging from hard liquors and beers to non-alcoholic sodas. Drink the night away as the prices on their menu won’t take the fun out of your night! For such a visually-pleasing place, the prices on their menu are surprisingly affordable! Well, how can we say no to a night of delight that won’t empty our wallets, right?

The photo was taken from Roof Manila’s official Facebook Page, Roof Manila

The aesthetics? God-tier!

As someone who loves the color red, it is indeed very visually pleasing to be inside Roof Manila. Aside from its glorious view, the aesthetics of the interiors deserve recognition too! It is very fitting for its target customers, which are the youngsters.

Since the U-Belt is just around the corner, the design was definitely tailored for the young. Don’t get me wrong, though! Everyone, even the young at heart, would be able to enjoy the neon lights and other masterpieces inside. Indeed, what’s a good view outside if the inside cannot compete with it? Roof Manila can’t relate!

Not in the mood to drink? Have some munch then!

Not yet allowed to drink or simply not in the mood for some shots? Well, say no more, as the menu also has foods for the non-drinkers! From rice dishes to kinds of pasta, snacks, and pulutan such as chicken wings and skin, Roof Manila has it all! Isn’t it cool, to have both your eyes and stomachs filled?

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The photo was taken by John Patrick Nisola, Roof Manila’s Operations Manager

See you on top!

Weekends, weekdays, a random night after a stressful day—anytime, you’re welcome! Chill and drink the night away at Roof Manila! With a breathtaking view of the city lights, a wide variety of drinks and foods, awesome beats, divine place, indeed it feels good on top!

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