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Experience beer like never before via Maniluya Drinks

Experience beer like never before via Maniluya Drinks

Every day, the local market continues to surprise us with exciting products that we can proudly claim ours and share with our loved ones. We’ve discovered an online store that sells a local brew of ginger beer via Maniluya. Yes, it’s a play on words Manila and Luya, which is their primary ingredient in crafting the perfect drink for Filipinos at the moment.

Maniluya is your newest go-to

If you need a pick-me-up or something to quench your thirst and refresh you, Maniluya is your newest go-to.

Owner Laurence Espiritu shared that he wanted to showcase the drinks in a way that promotes our country, “I wanted to take the foreign image/branding of ginger beer and brand it in a more local setting, making it more relatable.”

Personally, he confessed that the products actually helped him cope up with the quarantine and that he wanted to be able to share with others as well.

“It honestly helps keep me busy and sane, as well as providing me for additional income, on top of my current job. I have been so used to living a fast-paced life that when quarantine happened, I had so much energy to restrain in order to stay home. So the business actually rekindled my passion for business and at the same time I get to share my discovery with everyone who drinks my ginger beer.”

Locally-made ginger beer

If we’re not mistaken, Maniluya is the first to offer locally-made ginger beer here. A drink that is simple yet delicate as it undergoes one week of fermenting before delivery.

The product promises authentic ingredients that are purely homemade, with no additives.

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“The drink is so subtle and gives a casual vibe while sipping a glass of some Maniluya. The drink is supposed to be a quick fix and easy beverage to drink while you’re lounging around the house, or on a zoom e-numan.”

Whether you’re feeling down or getting together with people (virtually or at home), there’s nothing a Maniluya fix cannot cheer you up from!

Vouching for them here as we’ve had a taste of a bottle or two! Pro tip: let it ferment longer (for an additional week or so) for a stronger flavor and stronger ‘amats’!

Priced at P100 per bottle, we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t treat yourself to one or more, as you please! Visit their Instagram page for more info on how to order and availability.

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