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How To Channel Elle Woods in 2022?

How To Channel Elle Woods in 2022?

Elle Woods became an icon after the 2001 comedy film Legally Blonde came out in the theaters. Referred to as Capitol Barbie, Elle Woods completely went on to own the title in the most epic way. Although its release was more than twenty years ago, she is still an icon up until this day.

That’s why when Reese Witherspoon wore hot pink for the Where The Crawdads Sing premiere, everyone pointed out how she gives off an Elle Woods vibe. One look at your Instagram feed and there’s no denying that hot pink is having a real moment right now.

Here are a few ways how you can definitely rep an Elle Woods-worthy outfit in 2022:

In 2022’s standards, Elle encompasses the essence of the Barbiecore aesthetic. This, on the other hand, remains the wholesome little sister to the more jaded, more adult Bubblegum Bitch aesthetic. It takes inspiration from the mainstream styles for girls and womens in the late 1990s to early 2000s. With Ms. Woods titled as a Capitol Barbie, she surely does fall under this clique. 

Elle’s pink tie-dye dress

In the first part of the movie, you can see Elle Woods wearing a tie-dyed pink dress. To replace this, of course, you’ll need a pink tie-dyed dress. Make it more modern with white strappy heels, white leather bag, and white and gold accessories.

Applying for Harvard, “I object!”

Now, this is one of the most iconic look in this series. You can replicate this look with any pink halter dress, preferably with silver floral print all over it. However, it is hard to look for such a dress. So, accessorizing it the way the lovely Capitol Barbie did it, you can definitely cop the look.


When she passed the LSAT, she wore a particularly laid-back outfit. She had a pink satin top, a pair of jeans, and pink heels. However, if you want to go out. So, you can accessorize it with whatever you want.

Elle Woods says hello to Harvard!

Another iconic look from the entire movie, this has been replicated in every event out there. Kacey Musgraves even wore this outfit in a MET Gala event, transforming it into a more dramatic way. However, with the Philippine heat, you can’t really wear leather outside. So, I recommend a long-sleeved collared dress made with breathable fabric.

The off-shoulder + beret moment

Aside from her LSAT passing outfit, this look is probably one of the easiest one to replicate. With an off shoulder top, a pair of pants of your choice, and a beret, you can accessorize it the way our lovely Capitol Barbie did.

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Fashionable outfit? Yes! Functional for tanning? Not really.

Although Elle used this outfit to tan outside on Harvard grounds, it isn’t really a practical outfit. However, it remains an iconic one. You can replicate it with a pink bikini top, you can pair it with linen pants, pink Barbie heels, and a fur coat. Maybe, you can wear this in Halloween.

Perfect for Halloween!

Just like the outfit before this, this doesn’t look practical on a daily basis. So, maybe wear this on Halloween. Go fo a bustier lingerie top, pink shorts, and a pair of white knee-length boots. Then, grab a pair of bunny ears and have fun!

And, the best Elle Woods outfit of all!

The most iconic look in the entire movie, Elle wore this in her first time representing a client in court. She successfully wins, defending someone who had become a good friend to her. She wore a long-sleeved collared dress that you can replicate on your own with either a similar dress or a pink blazer and pant suit set.

Which one is your favorite Elle Woods look yet? Let us know in the comments!

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