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New and Shorter Ways to Say “Let’s hang out”

New and Shorter Ways to Say “Let’s hang out”

Do you ever feel like you want to talk to someone, but you just don’t know how to approach them? Or like you want to meet someone but don’t want to be too straightforward in asking? Try out these new ways to invite your friends to hang out with you.

It’s 2022. Let’s Keep It Short

Yes, it’s 2022. So, many have thought of extending their invite through shorter words. Well, one word even.

Inom? and Kape? These two words have become the new ways to use when they want someone to talk to. Why? Well, it could translate to wanting to see that person and have a chat without having to explain it much further. “I wanna see you” seems a little too much, I guess.

Coffee and alcohol have grown to make a good partner when it comes to having chitchats with your friends. Whatever the topic they may be.

“Inom tayo?”

Celebration? Inom. Bad break–up? Inom. Stressed? Inom. It just goes with any life occurrence. Good news or bad news.

Chill-numan or Walwal, “Inom tayo” can be used to tell them you want to hang out. You don’t have to explain it further. Just let the alcohol do the talking. It can sometimes set the mood for whatever the talk is about. It helps you let out your bottled-up feelings and let that heavy load be swept away by a smooth drink. But of course, Drink responsibly.

Kape tayo?”

Relax and calm talks with your friends? Coffee is a great partner for your catch–ups and hangouts. Good ambiance, funny stories, hot gossip, and wonderful company. It’s a perfect combination. Who would say ‘no’ to a good coffee, right?

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A simple “Kape tayo?” invite is a good call whenever you feel too stressed with everything. The invitation just suggest to have a good and calm talk. (I personally find this endearing, if you ask me.)

Millennials, Gen Z, and even of other ages have found how bonding through alcohol and coffee can help them relieve stress. I guess that’s how these words got to be the new way to invite friends for a breather.

So the next time you want to hang out or just talk, you can choose either one of these words. There’s no need to explain further. It’s already translated to “Let’s hang out” or “Let’s talk,” so don’t worry about it.

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