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Never miss your Highlights with these five Valorant Game Recording Software

Never miss your Highlights with these five Valorant Game Recording Software

Valorant has quickly emerged as one of the most popular team-based tactical shooters in the gaming community. With its emphasis on precise aiming, strategic teamwork, and intense gunplay, Valorant has captivated millions of players worldwide. 

Now, considering how fast-paced Valorant is, there may be some moments you might miss! Too bad, no one’s watching when you clutch-ace that round! But fret not, that’s why we are here. To fully immerse oneself in the game and improve their skills, many players turn to recording software to capture and analyze their gameplay. 

Here are some of the top recording software options available for Valorant:

1. OBS Studio

When it comes to live streaming games on platforms like Twitch and recording gameplay details, OBS Studio stands out as one of the best Valorant recording applications available. As an open-source screen recorder, OBS Studio has gained popularity among online gamers for its robust features and ease of use.

2. NVIDIA ShadowPlay

ShadowPlay offers an array of features tailored for recording gameplay, such as Instant Replay, which continuously records gameplay in the background, allowing users to capture the most thrilling moments retroactively. It leverages GPU acceleration to minimize performance impact, ensuring smooth gameplay while recording.

3. Medal.TV

Medal.tv is an excellent option for Valorant players seeking a user-friendly program that offers both simplicity and flexibility. The program automatically detects when a match is being played and initiates background recording without impacting the game’s performance. Whether you wish to record full games or capture 30-second snippets of your most exciting plays, Medal.tv has you covered.

4. Outplayed for Valorant

Outplayed, a program available through Overwolf provides Valorant players with a simple and light recorder. This software automatically captures every kill and impressive play, while also offering the option for full-match recordings when desired.

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5. AMD ReLive

AMD ReLive caters to gamers using AMD Radeon graphics cards, offering reliable recording software. With ReLive, Valorant players can effortlessly record, stream, and capture highlights. The software boasts a user-friendly interface, and adjustable recording settings.

With these recording software, now you are ready to record and replay those intense highlights, Agents!

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