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Valorant new In-game currency explained: What is Kingdom Credits 

Valorant new In-game currency explained: What is Kingdom Credits 

As announced by Riot’s head producer, Preeti Khanolkar, Valorant will introduce a new in-game currency called Kingdom Credits with the release of Episode 7 Act 1. 

Unlike VP (Valorant Points) and RP (Radianite Points), Kingdom Credits serve a distinct purpose and offer unique opportunities within the game. Note that Kingdom Credits cannot be acquired through the exchange of other currencies or real-life money. Riot Games has devised exciting and rewarding methods for players to earn Kingdom Credits, providing enticing avenues to explore this new currency within the game’s ecosystem.

How do you Earn Kingdom Points in Valorant?

Players will receive this currency for free in the form of daily rewards. To get Kingdom credits in Valorant, players need to play the game more actively. Unlike premium currencies such as VP or Valorant points, Kingdom credits cannot be purchased in real money. Instead, players can earn them through various means. Here are all the ways in which you can accumulate Kingdom points:

• Play normally and actively! By being active in valorant games such as unranked and competitive (ranked) matches, every round from those games will give you 2 Kingdom points, note that winning rounds will grant you 4 points!

• Daily rewards from Valorant will also give you Kingdom Credits, you can earn 150 points per checkpoint, and there are a total of four every day.

• Other game modes from Valorant like Spikerush, Team Deathmatch, and Escalation is also another way to earn Kingdom points in Valorant. 

Where do you spend Kingdom Points in Valorant?

After successfully accumulating a considerable amount of Kingdom Credits, it is important to utilize them regularly. Riot has implemented a cap of 10,000 Kingdom Credits, preventing players from hoarding an excessive amount. 

Now, there are several ways you can use your Kingdom Credits:

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Unlocking agents

Take note that at the beginning of Episode Seven, players will no longer select an agent contract and level it up to unlock new agents. Instead, a limited-time agent recruitment event will take place immediately after a new agent is released. During this event, players can use their Kingdom Credits as part of the recruitment process. 

Accessories Store

In addition to the agent recruitment process, players can use their Kingdom Credits to acquire a range of accessories. From the newly introduced Accessories store in Valorant. The Accessories store features a collection of items from previous battle passes, granting players the opportunity to own coveted items from the past!

What do you think about the new in-game currency in Valorant? Keep in mind that Valorant has a limit on the number of Kingdom Credits that can be saved on a single account. So play actively and use your points regularly! Level heads until we’re home, Agents!

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