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Look at how China’s Valorant differs from the rest of the world

Look at how China’s Valorant differs from the rest of the world

When Riot Games released a skin set limited to China servers, the community from the rest of the world felt envious. Kitana melee became a topic of conversation due to its exclusivity but turns out, it’s not the only limited feature.

China exclusive Kitana melee features a knife that turns into a fan. So far, Riot Games has released two fan knife skins in the game, excluding Kitana. This makes the design very exclusive | @ValorantLeaksEN, Twitter

The official launch of Valorant in China just went live last July 10, years later than the rest of the world. But all the exclusive content definitely compensated for it. This caused the global community to compare and identify which features are unique to their servers.

China’s Valorant Launcher

You can view player stats in China’s Valorant launcher. In global Valorant, you need to connect your account to a third-party software or website like Tracker to view this kind of information | Screenshot by @subzidite, Twitter

The launcher alone looks way different compared to global Valorant. It features player stats for guns and weapons, strategy guides, a built-in Discord-like chat system, and replay tools. There have been comments about how the community have been asking for a built-in replay system since then but it turned out to be a China exclusive.

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Live Tournaments

Screenshot by @subzidite, Twitter

Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) remains a popular tournament in the esports community. Instead of going to streaming websites like Twitch, Chinese players have the option to watch official tournaments live from the game itself.

The exclusive features that have been added to China’s Valorant brings convenience to the player base. It seems like the developers really made it up for its late launch. Still, the global community wishes for some features too, like the Kitana melee and the replay system.
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