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Most Picked Guns in Valorant

Most Picked Guns in Valorant

Making the right choice on which Valorant guns to choose during critical moments can be the deciding factor that can make or break a round and ultimately, the entire match. Riot Games’ 5v5 tactical shooter, Valorant, offers an array of arsenal to choose from, which can be the vital key when it comes to getting the upper hand on your opponents. 

That’s why if you’re curious and looking into most picked guns in Valorant, you’ve arrived at the right place. We got you! Rest assured, we have you covered as we outline the game’s firearms and the reasoning behind our recommendations.

There are two categories when it comes to your arsenals in Valorant, your sidearms and primary weapons. The sidearms are pistols while the primary guns include rifles, SMGs, shotguns and machine guns. Using your in-game credits, you can purchase them during the buy phase. 


The Vandal, alongside Phantom, is widely considered one of the best guns in Valorant. This automatic rifle, priced at 2,900 credits, offers medium wall penetration. It is preferred by players for its ability to one-tap enemies at long range. Although Vandal has little smaller magazine compare to that of Phantom’s, don’t let this be a drawback because 3-5 bullets burst fire is one of the most effective ways to go for that kill.


The Phantom is also one of the primary weapons in Valorant. It is Priced at 2, 900 creds and is best to use when fighting short-medium distances with multiple enemies. Phantom is easier to control than Vandal in terms of recoil as well and makes it much harder to determine your position when shooting from a vision blocker such as smokes and walls. 


With a hundred and fifty DMG per body shot, the Operator is a lethal and an intimidating weapon to wield in Valorant. Priced at 4, 700 creds, you need to be sure to make the most out of your shots, 5 bullets per magazine to be exact, to get that opening kill, so your team can play the number advantage. But that’s just one of the multitude of scenarios where an Operator comes to play. Just keep in mind that this makes you vulnerable when it comes to short distances so better keep a shorty or sheriff at hand. You can never be careful!


Spectre is such a good gun to pick-up when it comes to round after pistols and the bonus. It is one of the SMGs in-game together with Stinger. If Run-And-Gun is the question, surely Spectre is the answer, because you can literally run down your opponents with this one. Although it falls short compared to the high-cost automatic rifles such as Phantom or Vandal when we’re talking about long-range shots, it is still a good option for you on the rounds where you are short on creds.

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Sheriff (Valorant)

This pistol certainly comes with a price at 800 in-game credits, but don’t let this hold you back as purchasing a Sheriff, be it on pistol or eco rounds is a very good investment especially if you’re a high-skilled player able to aim consistently. Its headshots deal a whopping 159 DMG at short-medium distances, making it deadly even for enemies with full armor. The Sheriff has also a high wall penetration that you can work to your advantage. 

Learning game’s economy coupled with tons of strategies and approaches to learn can be a bit overwhelming. This is true, especially for new players who keep buying on save rounds and getting confused by the number of guns to pick out from.

It is challenging but it pays off well. It gets easier when you know what guns to choose and where to play them on the map. What do you think of our top 9 most recommended guns? 

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