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My Comfort Dishes at Home as a WFH Student

My Comfort Dishes at Home as a WFH Student

The pandemic restrictions force us to work from home and either cook or order our dishes. Since then, we often now order or cook our food at home to fill our hungry tummies.

Whether you cook or order food from online kiosks, I am sure enjoy and eat your staple meal or favorite snacks whenever you work from home. Food is essential to make us strong and healthy so that we can work best each day. And it is also essential to make sure it is delicious so that you can relieve your stress after or in between tasks. Comfort food gives us a different relief especially when it is gloomy.

Here are some easy and satisfying meals you can try:

Chao Fan

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Chao fan is a Chinese-style fried rice with veggies and salty flavor to make it delicious and nutritious. I love eating this during breakfast especially when it is smoking hot. What makes it more delicious is the battling flavors of carrots, beans corns, spices, and meat slices. It goes best with a fried egg or fried chicken! Yum!

Spaghetti, Carbonara, and other pasta dishes

I love pasta. Spaghetti are the best especially when it’s sweet or a bit sour because of the tomato flavor. A good meat combo with spaghetti also makes it very delicious. Carbonaras for me are the best when it’s creamy but not too soggy or submerged in too much sauce.

When you want to buy pasta, I say give the local ones a shot. Lutong bahay still hits differently. It hits home.

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Instant Pancit Canton

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Pancit canton is a staple in Filipino homes and dorms. It is easy to cook and very amenable to any combinations. I personally love it with a slightly runny egg. Some put bits of meats from their leftovers or veggies to make it healthier.

Pancit Canton is the best during midnights when you’re cramming at work or when boredom strikes.

What’s your comfort food? Let me know in the comments.

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