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Mark Models’ Alyssa Silva is the emblem of distinctive beauty

Mark Models’ Alyssa Silva is the emblem of distinctive beauty

Striking out the standards of beauty, Alyssa Silva is the representation of distinctiveness.

Mark Models continues to roll the red carpet of class and supremacy. Among its beauts, a sweetheart woman sees modeling as an avenue to find her confidence.

Concealing her sweet face is a vehement character filled with zealousness. Get ready as she marks her name in advertising and commercial print ads.

Alyssa is a Filipino-American girl, born and raised in the US who moved to the Philippines around ten years ago. Since young, she delves into acting, singing, and painting.

As an individual, she advocates for diversity and inclusivity over exclusivity. She affirmed,

I want everyone to feel represented especially the youth who will grow up looking up to us. It would make them feel safe and secure to be represented in a diverse world.

Persistent effort is a must

As an uprising model, she believes that modeling doesn’t happen overnight. With the youthful vibe within her, she knows that persistent effort is a must.

Well, from what I heard to get into modeling you really need to put yourself out there, find an agency that works for you, and really work hard to chase your dream,

She also shared, her model inspiration is Aliana King, a vocal advocate for positive social change in the fashion and beauty space. No wonder how Alyssa channels the sparks of her inspiration.

She’s a 5’4 model who made it big in the modeling industry despite her height. She has done huge campaigns like Vogue, SKIMS, and Chanel.

Zealous in nature

In addition to her striking poses, her zealous psyche is evident in her leisure pursuits. She can definitely sing, cook, and paint.

Moreover, she is also vocal in her stands underlining the beauty standards through her encouraging words. She regularly posts videos on her YouTube account as she also uploads her covers.

Currently, she is also studying with a major in Elementary Education. What a lovely way to attend classes if Alyssa would be the educator, right?

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Adding diversity to the modeling scene

Immersing herself in the realm of glamour, she sees modeling as an avenue to find her confidence. She knows that joining Mark Models is an opportunity to inspire others. She expects ‘to see herself really grow as a person through this whole modeling journey.’

Furthermore, Alyssa shared that she got into modeling because she aspires to represent young individuals who look like her.

I have thick wavy hair and very strong features and I always felt like I wasn’t represented in the Philippine media or modeling industry because I felt I didn’t fit the morena, mestiza, and chinita descriptions,

As a model, she wants to add diversity to the modeling scene.

Witness the growth of Alyssa as she turns her modeling dream into reality by following her social media.

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Photographer | Arjay Neri
Videographer | Anthony Brillantes
Makeup | Steven Siao
Hair | John Robert Matre
Stylist | Nash August
Styling Associate Diana Tasha Claridad
Project Assistant James Bryan Moral
Studio  | VP Studio

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