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There are no dull moments with TikTok content creator Nana Silayro

There are no dull moments with TikTok content creator Nana Silayro

TikTok consumes most of our time nowadays. Scrolling through the shorthand videos makes us forget that it had been hours since we started watching on the app. Of course, aside from that, you can also post a dance cover, a video of you singing, dubbing, and acting. Some creators post tips on cooking, health, university, photography, and modeling among others. Content creator Nana Silayro gained more attention on the platform and as of this writing, she already has 2-million followers. An Ilongga in her 20s, you can see her hilarious content on your FYP.

There is no dull moment with TikTok content creator Nana Silayro
Instagram | @nanasilayro

There are no dull moments with TikTok content creator Nana Silayro

Despite making ugly faces in front of the camera, she is actually naturally beautiful – the kind of Filipina beauty that the country should be boasting about. Aside from her hilarity, she can also sing and dance. She promotes self-love, kindness, confidence, and motivates others through TikTok videos. These make the public love her because Nana Silayro is a living ray of sunshine. Watching her TikTok videos will definitely make your day.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Nana answered the question ‘How would you describe yourself as a content creator?’ And she answered:

“I’m definitely a comedian but I want to be a smart comedian. Basically, I just want people to have a good time. When they’re having a rough day, I want my videos to be the reason why they have a smile plastered on their face.”

@/McDonalds, we need to talk. 

@nanasilayroYung totoo… ##fyp♬ original sound – Nana Silayro

Hello to you too, I guess.

@nanasilayroWatch at your own risk♬ original sound – Nana Silayro

“When is it not okay to be not okay?” 

@nanasilayroPalitan niyo nalang yung question. Thanks god bless♬ original sound – Nana Silayro

Defining the meaning of a secret because APPARENTLY, PEOPLE FORGET.

@nanasilayrocan i get a hooooyyyeaaahh♬ original sound – Nana Silayro


@nanasilayromga 2 years pa kayang kaya ko din yan @francescagueco♬ original sound – Nana Silayro

We all need something or someone who will take all the bad vibes away. And Nana’s TikTok videos can do that. She shares good vibes that will make you laugh and touch your heart.

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