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Mr. Gay World Philippines candidate Joel Rey Carcasona on advocating for health and wellness for LGBTQIA+ community

Mr. Gay World Philippines candidate Joel Rey Carcasona on advocating for health and wellness for LGBTQIA+ community

Joel Rey Carcasona aka Clive Christian is a 28-year-old queer representing the sunny and fantastic Cebu Province in the upcoming Mr. Gay World Philippines. A nurse by profession, Joel Rey is very health-oriented and advocates for health and wellness among the members of the LGBTQIA+ community. He spearheads an LGBTQIA+ friendly health and wellness campaign that strongly encourages healthcare professionals in all settings, especially doctors to wear badges, pins, and lanyards to show patients that they are allies of the community and will support them fully.

Mr. Gay World Philippines candidate Joel Rey Carcasona on advocating for health and wellness for the LGBTQIA+ community

In one of his interviews, he explained that health care settings should have a friendly environment where people from the LGBTQIA+ community will not have the fear of being judged and discriminated against. He also believes that with these rainbow badges, pins, and lanyards, they will not feel any hesitation to go for any consultation because this will show that that person fully supports the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Joel Rey Carcasona says that he will always be a nurse at heart and believed that health and wellness are the most fundamental right everyone should have.

However, being a member of the community himself, he can still witness an incredible number of patients from the said community that are still having second thoughts on having themselves checked even just for a routine annual check-up, especially now that there’s a pandemic ravaging not only the country but the whole world.

“This is because of the mere fact that the deep-rooted stigma the said community had had since time immemorial from the conservative society we once had. Because of this, most patients from the said community, our community, take their health for granted thus being at the clutch of death because of certain diseases and terminal illnesses that could have been prevented had they had the chance to go for a routine check-up without the fear of being judged.”

Because of that, Joel Rey Carcasona laid out the campaign for this advocacy by encouraging health care professionals that support the LGBTQIA community to wear rainbow badges, pins, and lanyards in their respective workplaces.

He believes strongly in his idea that these will somehow tell the patients from the LGBTQIA+ community that the healthcare professionals wearing these badges, pins, and lanyards are supporters of the community and will show full understanding and provide a holistic approach to care. 

Healthcare professionals, according to him, who will be wearing such will not only help his fellow comrades under the allegiance of the pride flag to be more comfortable in having their annual consultation without the fear of being judged but also will assist them of being in total control of their health and well-being.

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Even if Joel Rey Carcasona is presently working as a banker in J.P. Morgan and Chase, he always believed that he is a nurse at heart — a sentinel of humanity’s total health and well-being. He concluded his interview by saying that the country cannot move forward towards a fruitful future…without a 100% healthy, and happy community.

Support Joel Rey Carcasona and his advocacy in the upcoming Mr. Gay World Philippines pageant this coming August 8, 2021, at 6 pm. Follow the pages Wilbert Tolentino’s official page, Mr. Gay World Philippines & Mr. Fahrenheit’s for the finals night.

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