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Fiancé surprises Arny Ross with dream home on her birthday!

Fiancé surprises Arny Ross with dream home on her birthday!

Bubble Gang star Arny Ross receives a dream house on her birthday from her fiancé. Franklin Banogon prepared the surprise for her 30th birthday celebration. According to his Facebook and Instagram posts, he has kept this a secret for almost a year. He wants Arny to be happy and see her priceless reaction to his gift. Also, to celebrate a precious moment with her after all the sacrifices and hard work.

Fiancé surprises Arny Ross with dream home on her birthday!

Netizens congratulated the couple and rooted for their happiness. They also love the genuine reaction of Arny after removing the blindfold. Seeing the placard saying, “Can we start building this dream home together?” makes it more romantic. It has now garnered thousands of likes, comments, and shares on social media.

Franklin Bagonon | Facebook

Moreover, Franklin stated in his other Facebook posts that it’s an answered prayer for both of them. Despite all the challenges and tears, they still made it because of God. He believes it would be the new chapter of their life together.

This will be a start of a new chapter again in our relationship, and I just can’t wait, what God has still to offer!

Aside from that, Franklin also prepared dinner for Arny together with their family and friends. Furthermore, the couple was engaged since 2019. However, their wedding was postponed. But Franklin realizes that it happens for a reason.

“Kaya pala hindi natuloy yung wedding natin last 2019, He wants us to give this house pala muna. Everything happens for a reason talaga!”

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Arny shows her gratitude and appreciation for the arrangement of his fiancé for her birthday. She also thanked all the people who were involved in the surprise birthday party. She said that it had been the biggest surprise she had ever experienced, aside from Franklin’s wedding proposal. She also stated that they would finish this dream home together.

Despite all the struggles and hardships, they’ve faced as a couple, they are now living their dreams together. Congratulations and wishing all the best!

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