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Dorm-Friendly Christmas Celebration

Dorm-Friendly Christmas Celebration

While Christmas is usually the time of the year to be with the ones you love (AKA your fam), some of us are unfortunate and forced to spend it all on our own. Dorm babes, we got you! Here are a few tips on how you can still make your dorm Christmas the happiest time of the year.

Look the part

We know you have at least one fancy lighting accessory in your dorm somewhere. Don’t let it be just for photoshoots! Utilize them to make your dorm as bright as the season’s spirit.

Ring lights, fairy lights, and even that sunset light will set the season’s happy vibe.

I’m loving it!

When it comes to celebrating a dorm Christmas, delivery services are your best friend! Plan what festive ready-to-eat meal you’ll have beforehand. You can even have it reserved.

Now that’s a festive meal that you won’t need to sweat onto.

Hot chocolate night

Put that trusty old percolator to use and make yourself a nice cup of cocoa. Nothing beats the serene feeling of solitude on a cold happy night with a warm cup of chocolate in hand.

Invite friends over

If you got friends who are also having a dorm Christmas on their own, ask them over! Just because you have to spend it far from home, doesn’t mean you don’t have to live up to the saying the more the merrier.

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That even means more food for you! Yay!

What if you go home

Just kidding! But what if you make your dorm Christmas special, and do family traditions even when you’re on your own? You can still have Noche Buena, even with no one around to share it with, and you can reflect on everything you’re grateful for during those alone moments.

You got this! We’re wishing you a happy Christmas from our humble home to yours!

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