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Creative ideas to turn your opened gift wrappers after the holidays

Creative ideas to turn your opened gift wrappers after the holidays

How is 2023 treating you, so far? We are already halfway through the first month, how time flies! But do you still remember where you put the old gift wrappers from the holidays? It’s either you discarded or kept that in the deepest part of your storage box, I assume.

If you did the latter, then I have great news for you! Check out these creative ideas that you can do with your opened gift wrappers!

Wrap them on your personalized storages

Dress your containers with gift wrappers and give them that ~sparkle~. It could be a shelf for your files, a tupperware for your utensils, or a bin for your clothes. Adding color to your storage could bring extra fun to organizing stuff!

Pexels | George Dolgikh

Make them into gift tags

What’s more heartwarming to receive a gift that is handmade or personalized? Well, I’m pretty sure your family and friends will appreciate the effort to get a customized gift tag from you! On top of it — it’s recycled from relieving the nostalgia of the previous occasions!

Shuttershock | ekler

Use for decorations and ornaments

Are you in need of an additional touch of brightness in your room? This idea is perfect for you! You can turn your place into the Christmas-ey vibe of Winter Wonderland, Midnight Blue, or the Classic Cheer — your choice!

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Deposit Photos | Amarosy

Scrapbook materials

Time to unleash your inner artistry from scrapbooking! You might wanna paste those scrapped wrappers instead of throwing them! In that way, a part of our memory lane are the gift wrappers we once unboxed from our beloved ones.

IStockPhoto | LiliGraphie

Re-use for the next occasion!

The classic way to recycle your unwrapped gift wrappers! Especially when you are in your gipit era, this tipid hack will definitely be put to use. Don’t worry about it; it’s the thought that counts inside that present anyway!

Pexels | Laura James

I know opening gifts are so exciting that we couldn’t wait to reveal the gem inside. But the next time you open a present, you might want to unbox it with caution. Who knows where you can re-use the next time it comes in handy?

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