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Tattoo is an art, not a crime

Tattoo is an art, not a crime

Before, society used to view those with tattoos as criminals, addict, goons, thugs, and tough guys who ride huge bikes. And without a doubt, tattoos really had a bad reputation. Someone who had tattoos all over their body was being judged as one. You were probably one of those people who glared at them full of judgement at one point in your life, whether you like to admit it or not.

Fortunately, public opinion regarding tattoos has changed greatly over time. Every year, more and more people embrace tattoos as a creative expression and one way to express oneself.

Tattoos have become mainstream and being accepted

You probably want to have ink printed on your body, but there are some things holding you back. Things like your parents will be upset if you do it; you might not be able to get a job in the future especially in the medical field—like what your parents told you—, it would hurt, and many other reasons not to. But, tattoos have become mainstream and accepted. So, if you want one, figure out what you want first then get yourself a tattoo. Sure, you will still encounter people who will think less of you for the ink, but do they really matter? It’s your body, and you have the final say on what you do with it. Just be reminded that it will be a permanent ink on your body and tattoo removal is expensive!

Moreover, if you have made up your mind to get a tattoo, there are still things to think about. I have listed some of the factors to take into account before getting a tattoo for the first time. And I hope that it will be beneficial to you as well.

First, the kind of art you would like to get as your first tattoo.

Figuring out what you want to tattoo on your body is important. It is better if you have reference images that will help the artist understand what you really want. Other people who have a tattoo often base it on something that signifies them, favourite quote, and on styles that best suit their personality or concept. Consider also the size of the tattoo and think carefully about the tattoo placement.

Second, finding the right tattoo artist.

Pick the one you trust but since it is going to be your first time ask a friend or relative with great and safe ink for a recommendation. Check their portfolios and look through their work carefully before you make an appointment. It is for you to see if their art style suits your taste.

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Third, getting yourself a tattoo should be a personal choice.

While tattoos can be incredibly beautiful, they can also hold a lot of regret. Therefore, it is important if the decision of getting one comes from you and solely a personal choice, independent of any influences. Be sure that you are one hundred percent sure about it and that it will make you happy, satisfied, and confident. And remember, being tattooed is not a crime.

Tattoo is an art and part of our culture.

And even if you have a tattoo on your skin it is not enough basis to depict you as a bad person. Society should continue accepting tattoos as an art form and definitely part of our culture, not just tolerating it. However, accepting and getting rid of stigmas surrounding tattoos around the world is still a long process before they are fully embraced.

Tattoos are something that can signify who you are. They tell a story or hold a memory that you know you will always have. Tattoos are more than just ink on your body, they’re more than something to be judged on. It is an art, one way to express yourself, and definitely not a crime to have. Tattoos are not for delinquents or rebels, it is for everyone. For everyone who wishes to use art and ink to express themselves.

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