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CES 2023 advocates for human security through technology

CES 2023 advocates for human security through technology

CES 2023 logo and advocacy

Known for being the most influential tech event in the world, exhibitors from technology brands present innovative ideas at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8. But more than that, CES producer Consumer Technology Association (CTA) revealed that it also serves as a platform to achieve human security through technology.

CES 2023’s Advocacy: Human Security for All

Food security, climate change, and access to healthcare are only some of the global challenges that technology hopes to solve. With this in mind, CTA President Gary Shapiro expressed how he sees technology as a solution.

As stated in his opening speech, “This is the first CES not only in the new post-pandemic or live-with-pandemic era. But this is the first time we actually had a theme. And that theme is focused on what technology can do to make the world better.”

He enumerated the basic human rights that not everyone gets to access. These are clean air, food, and healthcare. Because of this, he commended innovations such as mobility tech, digital health, food tech, smart home, and agricultural production. They give us the opportunity to look forward to a better future.

Accordingly, this year’s CES partnered with the United Nations (UN) and the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) to support the Human Security for All campaign. The goal highlights the role of the technology industry to secure and advance human rights.

Technology for Sustainability

One of the topics featured for CES 2023 is sustainability. As the call to fight climate change intensify, technology companies become ambitious with their goals. They hope to reduce emissions, improve energy efficiency, and promote responsible recycling.

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CES 2023 fully supports this by serving as a spotlight for this kind of emergent technology. CEO John C. May of John Deere, CES 2023’s keynote speaker, shared his experience about bringing innovations to solve agricultural problems. 

“Ambitions are designed to boost economic value, productivity, and environmental sustainability,” John C. May stated. “Our deep understanding of the way our customers do business is what gives us necessary insights into the challenges they face and the opportunity to use technology to create value.”

With the goal of wanting the event to be more accessible in order to empower voices that dare to solve pressing issues, CES opened its stage for over 3200 exhibitors. This makes it bigger by 70 percent than the event from last year.

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