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Minimalist Cake Shops around the Metro

Minimalist Cake Shops around the Metro

There’s really something about cakes that make every party extra special. They have become part of any celebration, whether for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, or sometimes even for “meryenda lang” times. Needless to say, receiving one makes us happier, especially an unexpected one.

If you plan to surprise someone anytime soon, better thank me as I listed the minimalist cake shops you can find around the Metro. Look no further!


A lot would agree that Wadough’s is the most popular shop for minimalist cakes. This cake shop has gained massive attention during the pandemic with its witty and funny personalized dedications. Wadough’s does not stop with cakes; they also serve cupcakes, sandwiches, coffees, and simple rice meals. 

Location: 154 Maginhawa Street, Diliman, Quezon City

Dessert Studio Manila

Cakes that not only look good but taste beyond expectations. Dessert Studio Manila offers lunchbox cakes if you want them solo, cakes for sharing, pretty chocolate-dipped strawberries, and cake layers if you want them customized.

Location: Holy Spirit Drive corner Faustino, Isidora Hills Subdivision, QC

MNL Bakery

Next stop! The MNL Bakery. It is famous for its aesthetic-looking minimalist cakes made with homemade buttercream, perfect for anyone’s taste. Besides cakes, they also offer various pastries such as cupcakes, babycakes, and cookies.

Location: Merville, Paranaque City

Aegyo Cakes

Launched last June two years ago, Aegyo has become a gift shop bakery characterized by its custom-made Korean minimalist cakes and other pastries. True to their name aegyo, meaning “cute,” their products reflect cuteness in the form of a sweet treat.

Location: Diliman, Quezon City

Baked by Trimy

Baked by Trimy is another bakeshop you should try. The shop specializing in Korean Minimalist Cakes is also open for orders for big or simple family occasions. Their menu extends to serving pasta, sandwiches, and coffee. They also offer pastries like cupcakes, donuts, and cookies.

Location: 128 Sto. Domingo Avenue, Quezon City

Whimsy MNL

If you are looking for something minimal yet grandeur, Whimsy MNL is there. Specializing in the Art of Buttercream, this shop creates elegant-looking cakes with whimsical, intricate designs. They provide a wide selection of flavors, from the cake base to filling.

Location: BF Homes, Paranaque City

Icing and Cream

If you love flowers that you want even in cakes, look only for Icing and Cream. They offer cake designs based entirely on your request. You can also choose your preferred flavor as the basis and put add-ons such as little edible beads and 3D decorations.

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Location: Paranaque City

Dream Keikeu

Dream Keikeu will really make your dream cakes come true. Another must-try Korean minimalist cake that are priced reasonably for its taste and design. The cake shop offers four flavors to choose from. There’s chocolate, red velvet, banana, and strawberries & cream.

Location: Quezon City

Eve and Dough

If you want something unique for your next celebration, Eve and Dough got you! They can do everything from custom characters to anything you want. While they offer on-demand lunch box cakes, they are also open for standard-size orders.

Location: Santa Cruz, Manila

Sweet Myni

Sweet Myni belongs to highest rated cake shops around the Metro. It is a home bakeshop focusing on dainty and minimalist kinds of cakes. With simple and captivating designs, you will get the cake you paid for.

Location: Bagong Silang, Caloocan City

Now that I have narrowed them down for you, I guess I deserve one. Kidding! But really, my birthday’s on the 6th of the second month of the year. Do not hesitate to deliver. Any flavor will do.

Thank you in advance. Hehe!  

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