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Before Pandemic: Last Time I Went To Komiket

Before Pandemic: Last Time I Went To Komiket

A comic convention is not a new thing here in the Philippines. Although it may not be as grand as Japan and United States have; it’s still fun like other countries have to offer. A comic convention is an event that primarily focuses on comic books or the comic book culture in general. Wherein comic book fans gather to meet their favorite comic book creators and experts.

It’s often held at convention centers, malls, hotels, or college campuses and it is commonly a multi-day event. Recently a series of comic conventions is happening here in the Philippines called Komiket The Filipino Komiks and Art Market.

Komiks – a coined term for Filipino comics. Komiket is the biggest comic and art market here in the Philippines. Local comic artists showcase and sell their works to convention-goers and comics enthusiasts. The main event usually features over a hundred artists and happens in a mall in Metro Manila. While small events that follow are held in either north or south part of Luzon.

Last Komiket I have attended

Komiket first launched in April 2015 in Quezon City. Ever since this event became the main venue for the local comic maker to sell their works and show their talent to everyone. The last Komiket event I attended is in SM Dasmarinas, in March 2020. It was before the country went into nationwide quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Planned events were halted just like everything else.

“Acceptance starts within us,” one of the 2019 issues of  Kommunity – a compilation of short comics from various creators that is published by Komiket. It’s about gender, sexuality equality, and LGBT rights. LGBTQ+ Kommunity 2019 is a G-rated comic that tackles the issue that surrounds this topic in hopes to foster the acceptance of differences in this day and age.

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The importance of Filipino Comics

Time surely changes the way of comics, especially Filipino comics. From superheroes, action, horror, and sci-fi up to now wherein everything is more diverse. But it is not just the genre of comics that has changed but also the medium for creating it. Although traditional way comics are still as powerful as ever, digitalized comics are the trend now. In Komiket, both kinds of comics were a feature and enjoyed by all.

Komiket is not just a comic market, it is also a platform that promotes Filipino local art and artist. This is an event where we can support them by buying their works and other merchandise. An event where we can meet veteran komikeros and newcomers, original works, and arts from a different fandom. Komiket is an event that fosters an environment of creativity and originality.

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