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No-Skip Metal Albums You Should Be Checking Out

No-Skip Metal Albums You Should Be Checking Out

Metal music is a genre largely enjoyed by people although it may still be an acquired taste to some. It is a rather wild genre of music, with loud instrumentals and sometimes unconventional vocals.

But of course, metal music is fun to listen to, it can hype you up at the gym, it can calm you down and most importantly, it is music that can resonate with your darkened soul.

Dimmu Borgir live in Germany photographed by Hakon Grav

Metal music is also very diverse. It has a lot of subgenres that accommodate those of different tastes and interests. We have alternative metal for those who want their music chill. Industrial metal and power metal, for those who like it sick. We also have black metal and death metal, for those who want it insane. And we even have symphonic black metal, for classical music enjoyers.

There is a wide range of options and a lot of really great metal bands out there. So definitely, you will find no-skip albums that you’d love to play on a loop. But fret not because I’ll be sparing you the effort of looking for one as I am here to present a list of no-skip metal albums you should be checking out. Explore the world of metal madness and be one with it.

This list contains albums from metal bands of different subgenres since we’re talking diversity here. So sit back, relax, and enjoy sick tunes from these amazing bands.

  • Панихида (Panihida) by Батюшка (Batushka)

No.1 on the list and my personal absolute favorite. Panihida is a full-length black metal album by Polish black metal band Batuhska (Батюшка). This album would absolutely drive you nuts with its sick and diabolic vocals and instrumentals. Their style is very unique because they incorporate ceremonial chants with heavy riffs and insane metal screams. This album will definitely fill you with so much energy that you’d bang your head to the wall – just kidding, but to the rhythm, because this whole album goes hard as hell. As for the lyrics, this album is written in the orthodox liturgy in Old Slavonic language so never mind understanding that part, I guess. Either way, with those intense vocals, you probably won’t understand it even if it was screaming English lyrics. But we’re here for the madness, right?

  • Sehnsucht by Rammstein

A classic. Released in 1997 by German Neue Deutsche Harte band Rammstein. Neue Deutsche Harte, or more commonly known as NDH translates to “New German Hardness” in English. This genre is basically a subtype of industrial metal which Rammstein pioneered. Sehnsucht (or “longing” in English) is their 2nd studio album which continues to be their very best work of all time. Sehnsucht is purely written in the German language, which in itself adds an element of hardness factored with heavy and consistent riffs. Till Lindemann, the band’s frontman has this deep and dramatic voice that really compliments their overall musical style. This album has a total of 11 songs that runs for 44 minutes and I assure you that this album will give you some of the best 44 mins of your life.

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  • Death Cult Armageddon by Dimmu Borgir

Dimmu Borgir is a Norwegian symphonic black metal band and possibly the best one in this genre. Death Cult Armageddon was released in 2003 after Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia in 2001. This was the age when the band reached its peak, where they showcased their original creations. They started off with customary black metal heaviness but eventually, they were able to discover their own musical trademark. They mixed heavy and clean vocals together, along with orchestral instrumentals and traditional heavy black metal elements. This album has tracks written in the English and Norwegian languages and each track will give you that insane feeling of pleasure and horrific enchantment.

  • Iris by Altars of Grief

This album is a hidden Canadian treasure. Altars of Grief is a blackened doom metal band from the Canadian prairies that make doom metal music with themes of sorrow, despair, and grief, as hinted in the band’s name. Iris is their greatest legacy – a mournful, desolate album filled with heavy emotional portrayals. The lyricism in this album reflects their faithfulness to the theme which tells us that there is no heavier tune than a man’s sorrow. It has 8 tracks that run a total of 55 minutes. Dive into 55 minutes’ worth of desolate tranquility, allowing your own personal grief to cry along to the forlorn vocals.

  • Franckensteina Strataemontanus by Carach Angren

Hailing from the Netherlands, Carach Angren is a symphonic black metal band that makes music based on themes of classical and popular horror. Franckensteina Strataemontanus is the band’s magnum opus, mainly because of its overall thematic originality. The lyricism is poetic, theatrical, and just straight-up genius. Each track tells a horror story that will definitely give you the spooks, combined with the heavy melodies and orchestral euphony.

Rock on under the freezing moon with these brutal and powerful tunes. These no-skip metal albums will surely fire you up and tear you down.

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