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Your Guide in Exploring Bacolod: The City of Smiles

Your Guide in Exploring Bacolod: The City of Smiles

Bacolod City is known as The City of Smiles. This is because of its well-known Masskara Festival which features colorful masks with smiling faces. Bacolod City is one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines. It is an urban center that prides itself on its extensive mix of heritage, cultural, and religious sites.

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Bacolod City is a city that can definitely make you smile. So, sit back and relax as we guide you in exploring Bacolod.

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Discovering The Ruins

The Ruins is a structure that was once a mansion of Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson, a sugar baron. It is one of the top tourist spots in Bacolod. It has a beautiful architecture which is still visible to this day, but did you know that it was burned down during the World War II?

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The Ruins is not as accessible as the other places in Bacolod. But you could ask around the city center for a jeep going to the Pepsi Bottling Plant, and from there, you could take a tricycle to the site. You could also take a cab directly to The Ruins.

Pray at San Sebastian Church

San Sebastian Church was opened to the public since 1882. It has an elegant architecture that harkens back to the Spanish times and is considered an important historical marker by the Philippine Historical Committee.

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Getting here in San Sebastian Church is easy. You just have to take a jeep bound for Manokan Country and the church is just along the way. But make sure you arrive early as the church closes at around 8 PM.

Exploring Negros Museum

Negros Museum is primarily a children’s museum. But it also has something for adults who want to learn something about the Negros’ surprising role in the formation of the Philippine Republic. Although it does not focus on storing artifacts, it is a one-of-a-kind museum as it tells its visitors the interesting story of the Negros region.

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Going to Negros Museum is easy. You just have to ask to be taken to the Provincial Capitol Building and the museum is just a short walk from there.

Visiting Pope John Paul II Tower

Pope John Paul II Tower is a tower dedicated to Pope John Paul II in commemoration to his visit in the city. It contains a lot of the Papal memorabilia, including his Papal Throne and various photos of him and his visit.

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Bacolod is not the top tourist destination, but it is worth it! So, start planning your trip now!

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