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Explore Guimaras with this guide to your adventures

Explore Guimaras with this guide to your adventures

Guimaras is known as the “Land of the sweetest mangoes in the Philippines.” It is not just your typical mango-attractive land. The island also offers fresh activities that will amaze your eyes and bring adventure to you. Guimaras Island is located in Western Visayas just off the coast of Iloilo City. Because of its small area, the island province is packed with things to explore.

For someone who loves quests and adventure, here is my guide to your best Guimaras experience.

Guisi Lighthouse

Photo from Etzel Noble

The Guisi Lighthouse is an 18th-century-old Spanish lighthouse that served as a navigational aid for sailors in Guimaras Strait. It is also known as the second oldest lighthouse in our country. Along the way to the lighthouse, you can see the remains of the ruined structure in the area. Although it’s advisable not to climb the lighthouse because of its unsafe and old features. Brave tourists are still opting to try and climb. Once you climb to the top of the lighthouse, the panoramic view of Guimaras straight will greet you.

Guisi Beach

Photo from | @iGURU+

Located below the Guisi Lighthouse, Guisi Beach offers peace and a nice rock formation. If you are seeking a thrill adventure activity, cliff diving is the best to do. But be careful because they only offer low cliffs. Rock formations are also one of the highlights of Guisi beach where it can be seen during low tide.

Tatlong Pulo Beach

Photo from Ako Si Merman

The beach is a secluded and underdeveloped cove covered by the white beach in Guimaras. Along the area are three small islands that they named the beach. Oftentimes, when the beach reaches its low tide peak visitors say you can cross the island. Getting on the island are hard because of its secluded status. But, once you get there, it’s a perfect spot for relaxation and peace mode.

Alubihod Beach

Photo from The Poor Traveler

Hailed as the most famous beach in the island province. The island is free from the public and offers you a long white beach experience. Although it is free, the beach provides clean sand and seawater making it convenient for the visitors and locals to enjoy. They also provide floaters and warning signs to keep the beach’s beautiful scenery.

Island Hopping

Photo from Art Phaneuf

Like any other beach trip, island hopping is a must-do activity in Guimaras. Local offers to the tourists are provided on the island, and it depends on how many you are and how many hours you want to do island hopping.

The tour consists of the best beaches on the island including:

  • Turtle Island
  • Nagtago Beach
  • Baras Beach
  • Ave Maria Islet
  • Isla Naburot

Balaan Bukid or Holy Mountain

Photo from Elyrose Naobre

During Holy Week a special reenactment of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion called Pagtaltal is hosted in the Balaan Bukid. Getting to the top of the hill feels soothing and makes life at ease that’s why it’s famous for local and foreign pilgrims. The hill also provides a chapel and giant cross where you can pray and offer prayers.

Pit Stop Restaurant

Photo from The Pitstop Restaurant Guimaras Main

The Pit Stop Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants on Guimaras Island. Starting as a small local diner in 2005 they turned big as they experimented with food infusion in their menu.

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Photo from TripAdvisor | @kriszelt

One of their famous dishes is Mango Pizza, offering a unique taste of pizza and Guimaras mangoes making it one of truly the best on their menu. They also offer other infused mango dishes such as mango bulalo and mango sisig.

Photo from DJ Rivera
Photo from TripAdvisor | @valeriec236

Mango Farm

Guimaras Adventure wouldn’t be complete without visiting a mango farm on the island. Because it is hailed as the sweetest mango in the Philippines it’s important for them to provide a quality product. On the farm, guides will teach you how they cultivate and process a fresh and sweet mango. Its also prohibited to bring mangoes outside the island to ensure Guimaras mangoes’ quality.

Photo from Tisha September Arnaldo

Guimaras, despite its size, offers a remarkable adventure. It may be famous for its mangoes, but the island also invites you with its rich scenery and a lot of fun. From lighthouse, beaches, food, and farm. Guimaras is a unique island and is jampacked with adventures. Moreover, with this guide, I hope it helps you in discovering more of its beauty.

Because in Guimaras awaits a fit taste of adventure!

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