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Why Should We Stay Active Amid Corona Virus Scare

Why Should We Stay Active Amid Corona Virus Scare

The Novel Corona Virus has been wreaking havoc all over the world and it has caused some panic. Yesterday, it was confirmed by the Department of health that there are 2 Filipinos tested positive with it. Yes, it is indeed alarming, but what can we do to protect ourselves?

Enroll in a Fitness Center & Stay Active

We’ve noticed an influx of wellness establishments and fitness centers all over the country. Not only because most of us want to look like Adonis or to pack some ripped muscles. It’s also because by getting in shape, it will improve your total well-being, health, and even boost your energy and mood. Now, more than ever is the best time to enroll in the gym or perhaps try to stay active. It will also definitely make us healthier. It will surely boost our immune system to combat the dreaded disease, thus making us less vulnerable.

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Apart from that, if you feel so sluggish or perhaps running on fumes and you doubt that you can get on with the day, there is a secret to combat that, you need physical activity to reinvigorate you and boost your health. No one can deny the fact that being active is a secret to a healthier lifestyle. It is the main key to wellness.

Being active will help you to stop feeling tired all the time. Not only that, it will boost your confidence and make you feel even better about yourself. If you feel good, you do well as what they always say.

What are the other benefits of getting active?

It changes your mood.

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If you feel so down and gloomy, a little physical activity, whether it be brisk walking or running around the block can make you feel a lot better. It is known to relieve stress and lower down your anxiety levels. It can help us avoid going through a serious bout of depression. I, myself, have experienced depression but when I started to try working out, I became happier and I stopped being grumpy all the time.

It will help you to stay fit.

Think of a machine, without using it, it will get rusty until it becomes unusable. That’s the same thing with our own bodies, it needs a regular activity for it not to lose strength and stamina. By using our muscles through exercise, we’re able to do more with our daily jobs. We have enough energy to function well.

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The scare of the emergence of the Corona Virus is a serious matter, yet we can do something to protect ourselves, not only by wearing the N95 masks but also by making sure that we have a stronger immune system. Apart from regular hand washing, arming ourselves by making fit can be the key to avoid this dreaded disease. Now, more than ever is the best time to love ourselves by protecting ourselves and boosting our immune system.

Having a sedentary life will make your life shorter as it will definitely lead you to more diseases. So what are we waiting for, let’s all grab our favorite running shoes and stay active for a better lifestyle and a longer life.

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