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Practice self-care in time of Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine

Practice self-care in time of Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine

Personally, every single coronavirus update spikes up the panic inside me. The global health crisis gobbles up the comfort that usually lives in my mind’s premises. With everything coming to a halt, it all seemed like an unrealistic hallucination. It all boils down to the worry and moments of anxiety that slightly stirs me crazy. Of course, we have no excuse but to avoid it and practice taking care of ourselves during this Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine.


Here are a few ways to practice self-care in time of Metro Manila’s community quarantine:

Just a reminder, though!

Your panicked social-media-scrolling and Netflix-binging can be an easy way to start spinning out when you’re all cooped up inside your little nest. Stay sane and keep yourself healthy during the virus outbreak. Everyone should adhere to the tenets and help reduce the spread of the virus. These includes: staying indoorsobserving proper hygiene, and social distancing.



There are entire universe of free workout routines on YouTube. Keep your distance from other and do your workout at home. Just search your preferred workout routine on YouTube and do as the instructors say. Some instructors even live-stream their classes for a more realtime approach.


Although some people (like me) actually use social media as their mode of living, everybody should limit their use once in a while. Rest your eyes and ears from the toxicity of people’s government-centric rants, problematic thoughts, and unwanted opinions. Of course, you can also install a website blocker that could temporarily force you off websites like Twitter, which can give terrible anxiety.


Partake in a hobby that you could do for fun. Do something with your hands like crocheting, beading, embroidery, or even woodworking can provide great release. Or you can write a journal, write down one gratitude in a day or doodle out people, pets and other things you’re grateful for in a sketchbook.


This is the time to Marie Kondo your whole living space! Identify the things that sparks joy. If it doesn’t, throw it away. Rearrange your furniture and get your filing cabinet in order.

Make use of the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine to take care of yourself.

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