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Amity Nail Salon & Body Spa is the perfect place for a girls’ day out!

Amity Nail Salon & Body Spa is the perfect place for a girls’ day out!

Looking for a place to rejuvenate with your girlfriends? Gossip, do your nails, and get a massage at Amity Nail Salon & Body Spa. They have every service that guarantees to leave you relaxed and at ease. We’ve been there and let me tell you, we truly felt like we were on cloud nine.

“Quality and affordability meets! They have excellent service and my favorite service that they offer are the following: microblading, eyelash extensions and gel polish!” – Alexandra Faith Garcia

Amity Nail Salon & Body Spa is the perfect place for a girls’ day out!

Owner Ailynn Joy Flores named their salon and spa after its synonym friendliness that remains their founding core.

“We started this business last June 2018… At first, I didn’t think that I would be in this line of work being a graduate of Hotel and Resort Management. However, when we sourced out businesses that we could do due to its demand- we thought beauty, wellness and aesthetics would be perfect.”

She trains her therapists and employees to be the best they can be. However, she pointed out that she only hires respectful and courteous employees. Having chivalrous employees makes her mind peaceful because that way, they will surely take care of the customers. As a 28-year-old businesswoman, Flores has her own message to women who would like to enter in the same industry.

“Huwag lang silang matatakot mag-try. Kasi, ang business parang sugal lang talaga siya, diba? So, hindi mo malalaman kung hindi mo it-try. Kapag nagkaroon ka na ng business, importante talaga ‘yung marketing strategy talaga…”

Massage Services at Amity Nail Salon & Body Spa.

Thai Massage.

A traditional healing system that included acupressure. This helps people relax and temporarily relieve muscle and/or joint pain. This also boosts a person’s mood and can even go far beyond those effects that can contribute to one’s clinical health. 

Hot Stone Massage.

Placing smooth, flat and heated rocks at key points on the body, this massage helps relieve muscle tension and pain. Aside from that, it also reduces stress and anxiety that you get from your daily struggles. 

Therapeutic Massage.

Although similar to a Swedish massage, this actually puts more pressure. While this may be more intense, one shouldn’t feel any pain or soreness. It remains a good option for people with chronic muscle problems which includes soreness and/or imbalance. This also relieves tight muscles, chronic muscle pain and anxiety. 

Body Scrub.

The exfoliating granules help to slough off dead skin. The rubbing action, then, boosts circulation and helps drain your lymph nodes through increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface. Aside from massaging the body, the exfoliating factor transforms it into a cleansing aromatherapy session. 

Other services at Amity Nail Salon & Body Spa.


Using a small handheld tool, this tattooing technique adds semi-permanent pigment to the skin. Sometimes called embroidery, this creates, enhances and reshapes one’s eyebrows in terms of both shape and color. 

Eyelash Extensions.

Enhancing the length, curliness, fullness and thickness of natural eyelashes, it uses an adhesive glue to individually stick the extensions the eyelash line. Just like natural eyelashes, the extensions also fall out which remains the reason why it needs filling up about every three (3) weeks. 

Eyelash Perm.

Treated with a perm solution, it is also followed by a neutralizer and nourishing oil that reconditions and strengthens the lashes. With chemicals involved, like any procedure, there is also some risk. That’s why only licensed and trained people can flip up eyelashes using hair perming technology. 

Eyebrow Tint.

Less painful than microblading, this defines your eyebrows through a process of applying semi-permanent dye. It gives the appearance of a thicker and more youthful looking brows that matches one’s natural color. This lasts from three to six weeks. 


There are also different kinds of masks for different purposes. This includes deep cleansing which penetrates the pores, heals acne scars or hyper-pigmentation; brightening for gradual illumination of the skin tone. Facials, then, include revitalizing, healing, or refreshing. 

Nail Services at Amity Nail Salon & Body Spa.

Foot Spa.

Mani & Pedi.

Gossip, do your nails and get a massage at Amity Nail Salon & Body Spa! 

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