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Why Do Millennials Prefer Civil Marriages?

Why Do Millennials Prefer Civil Marriages?

Civil marriages are becoming more popular, but why do millennials prefer them these days? Let us take a look at some of the reasons why!

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Many people consider weddings to be a “big day.” There is nothing more joyful than organizing your wedding preparations, especially with the love of your life, whom you will spend your whole life with. Nothing is more exciting for a bride and groom-to-be than looking for venues, planning your entourage, writing your vows, and looking for wedding cake designs.

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However, some people prefer to marry civilly. Civil unions are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among younger generations. Here are some of the reasons:

1. Practicality

Unlike church or any religious wedding ceremonies, civil weddings are a lot cheaper. There is no need to pay any additional fees. ICYDK, some churches and venues charge extra for air conditioning.

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2. Freedom

There is a standard format that must be followed for a traditional wedding. Meanwhile, civil marriages give couples more options. When it comes to venues, there are no restrictions. Couples can choose when they want their wedding to be officiated. As a result, people who prefer a more personalized wedding opt for a civil ceremony.

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3. Minimalistic

Civil weddings have a minimalist approach. Others preferred civil weddings because they desired modern and sleek wedding gowns and dresses, as well as a clean and minimal reception venue.

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4. Personal

Civil unions are chosen by couples for a variety of reasons, including personal preferences or concerns, such as non-religious couples who are uncomfortable with the traditional church ceremony, or interfaith couples who come from different religious backgrounds and want to avoid conflicts.

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5. Hassle-free

It is true. It is much quicker. You can simply choose your desired wedding date, gather the necessary requirements, and voila, you can tie the knot without having to plan meticulously!

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Whatever wedding options you choose, the most important thing is the love and life you will have after the ceremony.

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