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What if SB19 attended the BBMAs ’21 Awards Night?

What if SB19 attended the BBMAs ’21 Awards Night?

Designer Chynna Mamawal envisioned outfits for SB19 if they attended the Billboard Music Awards 2021. With the quintet achieving an impressive feat, they’ve become one of the most-achieved OPM artists in this generation. They have become the first Filipino artists to receive a nomination from the Billboard Music Awards 2021. Internationally known social media icon and fellow Filipino Bretman Rock himself announced the nomination. They received the nomination in the fan-voted Top Social Artist Category alongside BTS and Ariana Grande among others. 

What if SB19 attended the BBMAs ’21 Awards Night?

Renowned fashion designer Chynna Mamawal will design the group’s ensemble for the historic event. She has produced original and custom-made creations. She carefully crafted her designs to cater to each member’s personality. It also solidifies the band’s image as an unbreakable unit.

For their ensemble to the BBMAs ‘21, SB19 and Chynna formulated a homage to their emblem colors.

Their trademark blue represented the band’s loyalty and trust towards their community and country. SB19 and Chynna partnered up to make up the look and feel, emphasizing each member’s aesthetic and individuality. Meanwhile, embedding it with a sense of formality. Each member connected through a matching black satin bow-tie and adorned with a pin of the Philippine flag.

What if SB19 attended the BBMAs '21 Awards Night?


Envisioned to wear a midnight blue velvet suit jacket. With a wide black satin peak lapel, black wool trousers, and black leather loafers. SB19 and Chynna chose this for its classic silhouette. Reliable, firm, and romantic, his sleek silhouette provides a foundation for the entire ensemble.


Reimagined to wear a midnight blue and metallic white brocade print blazer with a shawl collar lapel. With a white formal shirt, trousers complete with white piping details, and black gamuza leather loafers. This outfit looked as boisterous and outgoing as Josh remains, with its unapologetically bold print.

What if SB19 attended the BBMAs '21 Awards Night?


Envisioned to wear a full white plaid suit with midnight blue grid lines and a peak lapel. With a white formal shirt, styled with a ruffled navy pocket square with white trimmings, and black gamuza leather loafers. This SB19 member’s outfit serves as the breaker of the ensemble. This strong silhouette speaks for his serious skills and versatile nature.


Imagined wearing an elaborate three-piece suit. It consists of a navy blue brocade printed blazer with metallic silver embroidery and a white formal shirt. It also matches with a navy blue velvet vest and pants, and black gamuza leather shoes with tassels. His outfit also no doubt encompasses his fierce and daring sense of style.

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What if SB19 attended the BBMAs '21 Awards Night?


Reimagined to wear a midnight blue velvet double-breasted suit jacket with a wide peak lapel.  Accompanied with a white formal shirt with satin black buttons, white wool cropped-ankle trousers, and black leather tassel loafers. The jacket also has fabric incarnations of the Sampaguita, the Philippine national flower. Being the “visual” and the youngest member of SB19, his design had influences from his bright and elegant nature.

Embodying that same ideal of representing the Philippines, utilizing a local designer’s designs once more is an act of love and pride towards their native country. Both SB19 and Chynna Mamawal are taking monumental steps to etch Filipino talent into history, and showing the world what true-blooded Filipinos are truly capable of.

Fan voting for Top Social Artist opens Monday, May 10, 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET. Fans can vote up to 10X per day, per category, per platform on Twitter and Voting closes on Friday, May 21 at 11:59:59 p.m. PT

Written by Kiki Tan

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